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Has digital download of Wii U games been mentioned anywhere (UK specifically)? I've got a console pre-ordered and was planning to buy NSMBU as well, however I'd much rather get it via digital download so there is no need to keep a box/insert media etc. if this will be available at launch I'll go down that route (even with the inexcusable markup Nintendo have been doing with their 3ds digital downloads).

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I planned on doing the same, but for VC games. Any help for the 2 of us, you guys?

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It has been confirmed that full retail games will be on the Wii U eShop but whether or not it's there from day one is another question. Well we assume that all will be but if it does it would actually be unprecedented for Nintendo. From memory the Wii Shop Channel wasn't up on day one and had a whole pile of "coming soons" into early 2007 for many of its online services. The 3DS eShop took longer still.

Although the fact that some eShop titles have release dates at launch suggests that it will be available on day one. So fingers crossed.

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According to wikipedia, they're available from launch. That's for games published by Nintendo only though.

Don't know if it's trustworthy of course.

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Nintendo said back in April ALL 1st PARTY TITLES AVAILABLE TO DL DAY 1

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Klyo wrote:

Little Inferno
Toki Tori 2
Nano Assault Neo
Mighty Switch Force HD

Don't forget Trine 2.



And Cloudberry Kingdom. If I'm not mistaken. I've had my radar on this title ever since the first quarter of this year.



Depending on the mark up prices of the games for DL I might consider downloading from the eshop, otherwise it would be more likely online purchases. (Shopto etc)


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SiNG Party, despite being a first party title. Will not be on the eShop due to the requirement of a microphone, which is bundled with the physical version of the game.



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