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Please NO! They ruin the experience IMO. Playing on PS3 I felt like it took me out of the experience.

You can turn off the pop-ups. Not that it matters, is it really so distracting that a 2 second pop-up can literally ruin the entire experience for you, instead of simply distracting you for all of 2 seconds, and then your attention is back on the game? If so, I think they have pills for that...

It is a type of OCD. When you see that Achievement pop-up your brain tells you there is a certain way to play, then you look at the other achievements and change the way you want to play in order to maximize the amount of achievements you get. This can lead you down a path of planning your entire playthrough around getting certain achievement and in turn destroying the gameplay. I have seen this happen to many people and have experienced this myself. That is how achievements can destroy gameplay, by controlling a players actions

I'll admit that happened to me, so that's why I mostly ignore them now, but it nly happened once, and I was able to overcome it pretty easily despite suffering from some OCD-like symptoms (though I do take meds for them). I still don't think it's that much of a problem, unless you really do have a serious condition, in which case, how is it actually achievements' fault? Like 8bitSamurai said, I don't think something like this should necessarily be shot down to appease an extremely small group of people.

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I think that achievements on Nintendo consoles would be good if they were used to show how much you've completed a game. For example: complete World 1 on Super Mario 3D World. Then Nintendo could add a percentage to that game on your Miiverse profile showing how much you've completed the game and how many achievements you have unlocked. Otherwise, if you had achievements like: Kill three Goombas within 15 seconds, that won't show how much you've actually completed the game. And, if you get an achievement, it would you be nice if you got rewarded by getting a stamp or something like that (maybe you could have levels on Miiverse, and every time you get an achievement, you get XP to level up). Leaderboards would be pretty cool as you'd carry on playing the game for ages to get to the top of them.

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I've turned trophy messages off on my PS4. They make me think of a game differently, and I don't want that.

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I like them.

On the first play though I never even bothered to look at their requirements, and if I got some on the first play though, cool.

It was only while I replayed the game that I would try and get specific things. Like beat a certain level only using one gun or whatever. It added a lot of replayability to those games. For the Wii U most titles give you a stamp. I don't post on miiverse and I don't care about stamps, therefore once I am done a game, I rarely go back to it unless I really enjoyed it or if it has an online component.

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NinjaWaddleDee wrote:

I've turned trophy messages off on my PS4. They make me think of a game differently, and I don't want that.

I had the same problem on Xbox 360 but on 360 I only found the option to disable all notifications, not just achievement ones.

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