Topic: Does Irem still exist?

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I believe it was Irem that brought out the awesome game Kickle Cubicle. I would so love to see it on the VC. Anybody here ever played this gem?



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They're not releasing that many games a year these days. They've been a PlayStation exclusive company since 1998 with only their old Virtual Console games appearing on any console that isn't made by Sony.

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Hey there StarBoy91 its good to be here. And thanks guys for the replies. Honestly I hadnt heard anything from this company in a while, but its good to know theyre still kicking!



I know they've been making some PSP games lately, Hammerin' Hero (which is a fantastic game) and the strategy R-Type game. They also have their own space on Playstaion Home. Never played Kickle Cubicle. Worth a look though?




I dont have a psp but I've heard of hammerin hero. I worked at gamestop and remember seeing that one. Absolutely! Kickle Cubicle is a fun little puzzle game. Kindve like bubble bobble. Youre a little guy who can shoot ice blasts from your mouth temporarily freezing your enemies or you can raise ice platforms from the ground up, creating a wall. Tons of stages each with their own theme. If you have the means, try it!



I wouldn't say it's like Bubble Bobble. Definitely a puzzle game, as the game gets harder and you really have to think about how to get the blocks where they need to. (there's only one enemy you can turn into blocks. It'll respawn endlessly, but it can only walk on certain blocks, which makes it hard to get the blocks where you need them. Once you push the blocks, they'll go flying until they fall into the water and create a bridge, or off screen)
I just bought a Famicom copy (Meikyuu Jima), which is much harder than the NES versions. (more difficult levels sooner, and I think the enemies are faster)

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Today it is last day of Irem Life.

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I could really care less about Irem. If you weren't planning on purchasing these titles in the first place, I don't see why this situation would inspire anyone to do so. It really seems like a waste of points from my point of view.

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