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Tue 24th Jun 2008

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Toad64 commented on Little Shop of Horrors:

Oh, wow, I was thinking the same thing! I used to call the pirana plants Audrey II's when I was a kid! Looking forward to trying it!



Toad64 commented on Retro City Rampage Has Only Sold a Quarter of ...:

I already had it on my PS3/Vita, but since I'd been looking forward to the game since it was first announced for WiiWare, I still went and bought it on my Wii U. The extra ROM mode was a nice incentive. It's a great game and I'm glad that overall it was a success.



Toad64 commented on Shovel Knight Closing In On Kickstarter Goal:

Like Spacekappa, I got a chance to play this at PAX East and it was my favorite game of the show! I'm totally going to support them with $15 so I can get my Wii U version. The game looked great, played great, and sounded great!



Toad64 commented on Nintendo Reveals Playable PAX East Line-Up:

Well, they're definitely getting better with their PAX showings. This will be my third PAX East, and I remember the first year i was so psyched to check out the Nintendo booth, thinking they'd have all these games on display that weren't due out for a while like Metroid Other M and Skyward Sword. Their booth was the size of a closet, and they had two games featured: Pokemon Heart Gold/Soul Silver and Warioware DIY.

I will be checking out Spirit Camera. And challenging people to Kid Icarus battles. : )



Toad64 commented on This GameStop Really, Really Loves Zelda: Ocar...:

Shoot, I work at a GameStop, but all I'm doing is bringing in the Zelda cartoons to play at work! Now I feel lazy! But man, that display is crazy awesome.

Also, been staring at the box full of Zelda games for like 5 days now, can't wait to take it home tomorrow!



Toad64 commented on Review: Alleyway (Game Boy):

I dunno, I really enjoy Alleyway. And at only $2.99, you can't really feel bad about losing the money. Then again, I was around when the game first came out, and I used to like playing brick-breaking games on the Atari (Circus Atari is still awesome fun), so maybe I'm in the minority.

Sure, it's a simple game with a simple concept, but that's why I kind of like having it on my 3DS's menu; sometimes I just want to play something for a few minutes, and with the new save state feature of Virtual Console, I can even pick up where I left off and save my high score, unlike the GB original.



Toad64 commented on Feature: The Making of the Nintendo Virtual Boy:

Still have my Virtual Boy, which was bought for the full price of $180, sitting on my shelf. (I didn't pay for it though, my mom did) I believe I have 5 games for it. One of them is Wario Land VB, and it's awesome.
And yes, BlueFlameBat, Galactic Pinball is pretty great!