Topic: What's better, Super mario 64 or Super mario sunshine?

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I gotta say super Mario 64.. its more...classic and memorable to me.It: was more adventurous than sunshine.I don't know why, it know what I'm sayin?

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Not a big fan of either, but definately 64, never could stand FLUDD. The Galaxy games easily top both of them and then some though, IMO.

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mario sunshine is vastly superior to mario 64. mario 64 had an 'open' world, but like in skyward sword there wasn't a lot to do in most of it. mario sunshine was frustratingly fun and brighter/more colourful.

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Super Mario 64 for me

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I love the mechanics of Mario 64 but Sunshine beats it because I am a summer person I loved the hub world of sunshine just exploring it as a kid was fun! and the levels were so cool I just love the tropical feel of the game <3


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Super Mario Sunshine.

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It's not much of a question. 64 revolutionised gaming. Sunshine was great fun but broken in too many places. Comparing them is hard, (because the systems they are on are different; Sunshine is much better looking for example) but there is no doubt Mario 64 is the better game.

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In terms of what? I've played both alot, I wish those weren't the only two open-world 3D Mario games. :/

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Hm... Super Mario Sunshine depresses me, Super Mario 64 doesn't depress me... I guess I'll choose Super Mario 64!

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I do enjoy the setting of Mario Sunshine...but it already paved the road for the linearity of the Galaxy Series (i.e. you can only collect most shine sprites by specifically selecting them; intro video telling you exactly where to go). Why did they have to abandon the freedom of Mario 64!?

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mario sunshine.


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Both games are great, but I prefer Mario 64. I could never get around the slight annoyances with the controls in Sunshine (e.g. switching the drop and hit buttons when climbing up grates vertically and horizontally), as well as the awkward camera angles when wall jumping and the over-abundance of coin-related stars.

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Have to go with Mario 64. It was not only the game that made 3D Platformers the way they are today, it is also the game that made ME the way I am today. It's the only 3D Mario game that I've 100% completed (unless you count 3D Land).



Super Mario Sunshine
It had better sound, graphics, and gameplay. It still had some open world stuff going on, and the levels were just better. Some things annoyed me, like the hotel level(I don't remember what it's called) and the slide levels that were random. A few missteps is a reasonable price to pay for a way better game.
This is just my opinion.

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Sunshine by far. 64 was fun, but Sunshine had better: atmosphere, levels, storyline, graphics, hubworld, and characters.. In fact, I love Sunshine so much that I'll play through at least once (sometimes more) a year. It's also on my top 10 games list..

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64 may of been groundbreaking during it's day, but flash forward to 2013, and it's an absolute eye sore to look at but it's one of the few N64 games that has aged pretty decent compared to many 3rd party titles. It's still a phenomenal 'playing' 3D platformer, but the barren blocky blurry textured nothingness' visuals, weak boss battles and soundtrack(ok, the underwater music is brilliant i'll give it that!) just don't KirbAsuck me in anymore.

As for Sunshine, i've played maybe 30 minutes of it.

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Really, really enjoyed both but I preferred Sunshine.

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@Wavinbrosta Bubsy 3D on your favourite PSX was supposed to be Sony's Mario 64 killer... As you can see M64 looks like a HD masterpiece painted on a SD canvas compared to it



Mario 64 definitely was amazing to play that for the first time, we pretty much take 3D games for granted now but 64 was the first to get it just right imo, also wasn't a fan of fludd personally.



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