Topic: What's better, Super mario 64 or Super mario sunshine?

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64 set the standards, sunshine refined them. 64 was the better fine tuned pakage, sunshine had some odd issues like the bad story/cutscenes or the fact, that although the water-concept was most of the time quite fun, the best levels were the ones without that waterjetpack. In the end, Sunshine felt like a real Next Gen title at that time. It looked awesome, sounded awesome, played awesome, had some great ideas and was just fun.



Super Mario 64. It had great gameplay mechanics, levels, and more, though, I never have fully completed it (I did beat "Indigo" Bowser, the final boss).

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MadAussieBloke wrote:

@Wavinbrosta Bubsy 3D on your favourite PSX was supposed to be Sony's Mario 64 killer... As you can see M64 looks like a HD masterpiece painted on a SD canvas compared to it

That managed to look even worse than Superman 64, but still far more appealing than 'The Crow' Still, it's a good thing i never wasted my precious pixels,bits & zits on that first wave PreSchool lifeless 3D montrosity! Instead i played the painfully boring Crash Bandicoot, which was as bad as eating a 1 month old SuperFudge pizza drizzled in goopy mutagen sardines!



I prefer Super Mario 64. Sunshine just didn't have enough platforming (outside of 'secret' levels) or Mario elements in it, and I really disliked how you had to beat the seventh mission of every 'world' to unlock the final level and boss. And hey, Sunshine had way, way too many coin collecting based missions, to the point about a third of the game was either blue coin, red coin or gold coin collecting.

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Super Mario 64, obviously.

I actually played Busby 3D. A terrible experience.



Sunshine. I really disliked the ugly flat polygons in Super Mario 64, the Goombas didn't even look like Goombas anymore! Plus, Sunshine has beautiful effects, nice atmosphere and very enjoyable gameplay.

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Super Mario 64

It's amazing. Sure, the graphics have aged, but so what?

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Sunshine did show off some of the capabilities of the GameCube at the time - as did many other games - and gave some wonderful visuals, and an admittedly more involving story than previous Mario games. However, I also see Sunshine as a departure from the usual feel of a Mario game - I think most of you know what I mean. Familiar enemies changed up, every world had the island/vacation theme going on in one way or another, and the addition of FLUDD being with Mario most of the time made it feel like a different kind of adventure altogether. Doesn't make it a bad game, but definitely a <i>different</i> Mario game.

That said, SM64 did use those familiar elements of the series and brought them into the 3D world - and did so very well considering the tech of the time.

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