Topic: what is your favorite mario kart game?

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Now it is definitely MK WII but of the older ones it is MK 64



Mario Kart DS - as long as nobody snakes (because snaking is stupid), which fortunately doesn't happen in most of the games I've played.

I actually think now that MK Wii is the worst. It has some nice tracks, but all those random items floating around just don't make the game very enjoyable. Multiplayer battles are total crap, too. Due to one too many frustration with the game I ended up selling it. It just wasn't worth my time.

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Depends on what you're going for really. For me Mario Kart is to play multiplayer at home, and for that I choose MK64. Wii battle mode makes me cry. No home console MK since 64 has had the right balance between luck and skill for me.

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Sorry.... But it's double dash

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@Pegasus....dont feel bad man. My Wii went with my copy of Mario Kart Wii cause I had some top ten in the world times on several track at the time I got the game (launch until about 4 months after release) and would go online and get slammed my kids who used the bullit and other Im not good at the game so Ill just shoot the person in first from a lap down items. Nintendo needs to learn that its called Lobbies and you can label them for Casual and Hardcore just like Motorstorm PR on Ps3.

Kinda off topic but once while looking for the GBA MarioKart I came across and bought a Kart racer by Konami. I cant remembet the name at the moment but it has Dracula, Goemon, Ninja from Metal Gear.....its pretty cool but I paid quite a bit for it.

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Super Mario Kart. I love the old kart physics, and the lack of unfair items.

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crash team racing

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I would have to go with Super Mario Kart. Main reason being, I love the simplicity and the tracks. MK64 was good, but I didn't enjoy how the cars handled as much. The reason I enjoy the Wii version is mainly just for the online races...oh and Koopa Cape :3



Mario Kart Double Dash. I don't care if the blue shell is "unfair". It doesn't alter my enjoyment of the game.

I don't like Mario Kart Wii, there's just something about it.

The best strategy in the game: go up stairs and pause balls.



I LOVE that game. My friends and I would play that every day last year all during the summer and throughout the school year. I lived with my best friend last year and we kept tally of our battles. Always double deck or block fort. The other two stages suck, but it doesn't get better than double deck. We easily logged well over a thousand battles that year. After a while we stopped tallying score. They got intense! We got REALLY good at that game. A single battle might take 20 minutes at a time. We play with a rule that you're not allowed to hit a person again right after you just hit them; that's just cheap.

HEY! I forgot. Check out videos of me and my friends playing here:
it's pretty amazing.

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1st: Mario Kart Wii.
2nd: Mario Kart 64.



1: Mario Kart Wii
2: Double Dash

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double dash, best mario kart game eva

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Mario Kart Wii all the way. Online is great, but its also very accessible so I can play it with my wife and her friends. Its not all about snaking like the DS game, and its not so much about the driving as it was with Super Circuit. I don't mind the blue shell, and let's face it, like Smash Bros, Mario Kart is not about pure skill and never will be. The fact that there are items seperates it from more skill based racing games like F-Zero or ever Grand Turismo.

Oh yeah, and the Wii version has a fantastic track selection with some of the best N64 tracks available!



Yeah, I feel the same way about the blue shell. Its managable. If you notice its coming, the best thing to do is to try to get close to the 2nd place racer. The explosion can take a bunch of people out with you if you play your cards right- that's strategy!



Maniac wrote:

Yeah, I feel the same way about the blue shell. Its managable. If you notice its coming, the best thing to do is to try to get close to the 2nd place racer. The explosion can take a bunch of people out with you if you play your cards right- that's strategy!

Hitting the breaks in the DS version can have a simular effect to encompass any players that are behind in the blast radius.


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