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I think that it is a little underrated. I know that some of it like the hilariously bad voice acting, cut scenes, and annoying final level make the game worse I still feel like it was a really great game that gets too much hate.

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I definitely think it's underrated. In fact, it's one of my favorite games of all time. All the "reasons" that people bash it with are utterly stupid. The voice acting was really not that bad, and I actually found it to be cool and unique for a Mario game. Also, the tropical theme is amazing. It just oozes atmosphere. Also, it has the perfect difficulty. Many Mario games today are far too easy.

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Overrated as heck, that was the only 3d Mario with awful platforming, and the FLUDD mechanic stunk worse than bowsers godawful hot tub. >:[

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I feel like it gets better with age. SMG1 is my favorite 3D Mario but I really appreciate SMS experimentations. I still love it for it though.

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I think Sunshine has a lot of problems. It felt rushed, mission structure is repetitive and there is a lot of padding, particularly with the blue coins. The camera has a lot of problems, too.

On the other hand I liked the FLUDD and the new gameplay possibilities it opened up. I also enjoyed the tropical setting, although I think the level design is a little bland in later portions of the game.


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Underrated. Sure, it's a bit more out there for the series, but it's not bad. It's by far not my favorite Mario game, but it stands out a lot compared to most of the others.

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MrWalkieTalkie wrote:

At first, underrated. Nowadays, overrated.

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WingedFish wrote:

MrWalkieTalkie wrote:

At first, underrated. Nowadays, overrated.

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I personally think it's overrated. I'll admit that, as a kid, I played it and loved it. Nowadays though, it just depresses me because everyone else loves it and I think it's boring.

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It was the only Mario game to have talking, which I like. And the hub world was very nicely detailed.
I didn't dislike the fluud idea, letting Mario jump higher, speeding from left to right real quickly, and sky rocketing into the air. Heck, even Yoshi was in it.
Honestly, I don't see nothing wrong with the game, other then being different and fun. It even had some great boss battles......all but the last Boss, which was done really poorly. (Bowser in the hot tube, really Nintendo?) The only reason I can see why they made the last boss so easy, was mostly because the path, to get to Bowser was really hard.

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It's a very unusual game I think. I never really could get into it like I could with the other 3D open world Mario platform games. From what I remember it's very unclear at some points in the levels what exactly you need to do to get some of the Shines (or Shine Get, I should say!). I remember the pace seemed more relaxed with the tropical and expansive environs. I'd like to play it again and play through it because I am sure it's a pretty long game and I don't think I ever got that far in it. I remember the graphics were pretty darn impressive for the time, especially the water and black gunk. I liked the Piantas and I liked the cut scene where Baby Bowser calls Peach "mama." That was bizarre and hilarious. If they release it for GC I'd really like to give it another go, I think there is a lot there I never got to experience.

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moomoo wrote:

Big-Luigi wrote:

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MrWalkieTalkie wrote:

At first, underrated. Nowadays, overrated.

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I always liked the game and was unaware it was considered one of Mario's worst until I started frequenting the internet. I was all like "wut?".

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