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3Dash wrote:

I find Kid Icarus fairly easy tbh. Anyway...

Dillon's Rolling Western I didn't beat for a year because of constant rage quitting.

Crimson Shroud. Witch Kings. 'nuff said.

Zelda II. 'nuff said.

I didn't find Crimson Shroud difficult in the slightest, myself.

I always get stuck on that maze in level 2 or 3 of Kid Icarus. Can never find my way out.

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I can make it to the level 4 boss in contra without losing a life, but I just hate the projectiles that follow you around until you get hit.



Any Back to the Future games on NES is stupid hard. Also they are terrible anyway and have nothing to do with the movies. - Dayman
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IWBTG doesn't count as anything so either La Mulana, Castlevania 3 or Ninja Gaiden (either NES or Xbox version honestly).

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BattleToads for the NES, anyone?

A beat 'em up that has a bad reputation amongst the most loyal fans. I'd definitely should try it out if I could.

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Pretty much any Kaizo Mario World style game. Sorry, but that's way, way beyond what's fair difficulty and I can't beat most of them. Dunno how the hell those people on Youtube beat stuff like this:

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I remember one of the Maximo games on PS2 driving me insane.

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