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Topic: Good 3rd party games for the Cube?

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Can anyone suggest some good 3rd party games that I can get for the GameCube? ive seen all the Mario, Samus, Link, and Fox. i want something a bit more fresh and new.
(and i already have Viewtiful Joe, Rayman 3, and Soulcaliber II) (and dont say Ikaruga, because its hard to find and expensive)

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You could give Tales of Symphonia or Skies of Arcadia: Legends a try, if you're into rpgs. There are also the Resident Evil games available on the system.

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Yes I actually can-

-Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
-Killer 7
-Metal Gear Solid Twin Snakes(Hard to find in stores but easy to find onine on ebay)
-Resident Evil 4
-Baulder's Gate Dark Alliance
-Phantasy Star online Episodes 1&2 (great game and is a must have for anyone who loves RPGs. A bit repetitive but it's really addictive)
-Midway Arcade treasures 1,2,&3 (preferably 1)
and last thing that comes to mind is Prince of Persia Sands of Time or Warrior Within

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Soul Calibur II
The Hobbit
Final Fantasy: Crystal Chronicles
Star Wars Rogue Leader
Star Wars Bounty Hunter
007 Everything or Nothing
007 Nightfire
Resident Evil 0
Resident Evil 4
Killer 7
Tomb Raider Legend
Lego Star Wars
SSX Tricky
R: Racing Evolution
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

These ones are first party games, but they're not big names like Mario and Zelda
Eternal Darkness: Sanity's Requiem

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My two favorites are Sonic Adventure 2: Battle and Star Wars Rogue Squadron 2: Rogue Leader, neither of which are on the XBOX or PS2.

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Skies of Arcadia Legends for sure, though it's sadly pretty rare. Evolution Worlds is also quite nice. Bomberman Generations is pretty good as well. I also second Chrono Cross's Twin Snakes recommendation, as well as grenworthshero's Eternal Darkness (even though it's actually Nintendo published, it's an odd game developed by Silicon Knights).

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Tell us your genres and any age limitations as I see Killer 7 here and that is quite graphic. Also, Killer 7 really isn't everyone (I liked it) you're movement is limited to forward with this button, turn around with this button, forward again. The controls are weird, and can be a game breaker for some, and some praise the fresh feel. Also, the story and concepts are sudo-weird.

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Almost any Resident Evil available on the Cube.

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Ninten wrote:

Almost any Resident Evil available on the Cube.

Again, that depends on his tastes, I liked 4, but I didn't like the first one.

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timesplitters future perfect


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Skies Of Arcadia Legends
Gauntlet Dark Legacy
One Piece: Grand Adventure (fun if you can ignore the voice acting... XP)




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hmmm not already mentioned...

Beyond Good and Evil (absolutly great game!!! must have!!!)
Timesplitters 2 (as good as Goldeneye)

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