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Hey Guys.
I am looking for some good GameCube games with coop mode. You know some?

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Tell me when I am wrong, but i think for those games you need a Gameboy Advance for every player... My budget says: no
So I need games you can play with the Cube controller.

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3DS-FC: 4511-0483-5718
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The Conflict Desert Storm games were some excellent co-op fun on GC, I highly recommend them. Mario Kart Double Dash's single kart mode is awesome, you really have to work together. And erm... Rebel Strike, you can play a large chunk of missions in co-op. Hope that helps.



If you like action/RPG's you can't go wrong with Tales of Symphonia. The four-player battling in the game is just a lot of fun, so long as you have somebody willing to be Raine Sage (the healer).

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If you have a Japanese GC (or modded North American one with a toggle to switch between NA/JPN then Mr. Driller Drill Land is your man! Godzilla Destroy All Monsters Melee is also pretty fun, though Unleashed for the Wii is better all the way around.

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Lego Star Wars.


Also, the not great 'Star Wars Rogue Squadron 3' includes a co-op 2 player version of the much better 'Rogue Squadron 2' as an extra bonus (whoops, just noticed that was mentioned above - still it is cool). Also has all three classic arcade games as unlock-ables if you are into all things retro...

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