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What do you guys think is the best pokemon game (or which is your favorite)? I find myself loving the Johto region based games the most. I love the additions that Gold, silver and crystal made to series from red, blue, yellow. I loved the region, gym leaders, the 100 new pokemon, the cell phone system, the fact that some pokemon could only be caught during the day or night, and most importantly the fact that these were the only games that where you had to collect 16 badges over the traditional 8. But what do you all prefer?

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Soulsilver. I really enjoyed the pokemon walking behind you mechanic, two regions, and many other aspects of the game. It's not the best game, but it's my favorite.

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Ruby / Sapphire. It feels like a different experience than the other games. Most Pokemon games feel like they are trying to recreate what Red and Blue had, but Ruby/Sapphire felt fresh.

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Crystal / SoulSilver / Omega Ruby

The second gen was my favourite for a long time, and probably still is, but Omega Ruby impressed me when I didn't really know what to think of the originals when they came out.



Eat_Pie wrote:

Soulsilver. I really enjoyed the pokemon walking behind you mechanic, two regions, and many other aspects of the game. It's not the best game, but it's my favorite.

I'd say that Platinum is the best Game, but I'm with you on Soul Silver being my favorite for all those reasons.

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I used to call gen 2 as my all time favorite, until I replayed the remakes and realized how flawed it really is (and how very little the remakes did to fix it). I still have many great memories of it, though.

The last games that I enjoyed immensely are White 2 and Black 2. So I guess those are my current favorites.

Of course, I love the series as a whole. So it's a bit hard to pinpoint my favorite game.

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Eat_Pie wrote:

Soulsilver. I really enjoyed the pokemon walking behind you mechanic...

That is the main reason why SoulSilver is my favorite Pokemon game. I also really liked the Pokeathlon.

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Nothing can compare to being right in the thick of the frenzy when Pokemon Red and Blue were released. The mystery, the fact nearly EVERYONE I knew was on board, and all the merchandise surrounding the game. It was very exciting. Even though it is no longer the best, it has to be my favorite. However I am in no way a gen-wunner.

In terms of what I think is the 'best' Pokemon game, I would have to say Pokemon Black and White. Gen 5 had a cool villain, it had awesome sprite-work, it was loaded with content, Zekrom/Reshiram to me have been the best box legendaries, and the music is some of the best the series has put forth. Not to mention the only game other than gen 1 to give us a region where EVERY Pokemon is new, and it gave us the most since Gen 1.

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Pokemon yellow since it was the rarer one of first gen. Also that's when I was a kid and all the kids played pokemon on gameboy in aftercare at school. The card game was popular too. I still need a copy of crystal and yellow. I missed all the pokemon games on GBA.




HeartGold and Soul Silver.

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My top 3...
1. Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald
2. White/Black/White2/Black2
3. HeartGold/SoulSilver



My technical favourite would be Ruby/Sapphire/Emerald due to how many of my favourite Pokémon stem fromGen III.

But my overall favourite is definitely Black/White. It's the only Pokémon game with a somewhat reasonable difficulty (every other game was insultingly easy or broken beyond belief), the only Pokémon game with a proper story, AND the only Pokémon game with actual character development! I still don't understand how the following games already reeled back on the depth, and then the sixth Generation went back to it's excuse plot-style wannabe narrative that only presents slightly interesting lore (except OR/AS, which gave the laziest plot device conceivable).

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I'm probably one of the few that finds X&Y to be the best in the series. Pokemon is a game that is constantly evolving, and I feel with X&Y there's just never been a better way to play Pokemon --- we have the fairy type, great tools for breeding, improved online play, an exp share that removes the need for grinding and allows you to effectively train a team larger than 6, and a great selection of Pokemon available in the region. The new Pokemon were low in number but made up for this in quality IMO. Also, the Pokemon look so lively in 3D. They definitely took a step up in terms of presentation.

Personally though, my favourite is HeartGold&SoulSilver, partly for all the nostalgia associated with the originals, but also partly because it managed to improve so much on what was already a fantastic game.

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My favorite Pokemon game is Emerald version. So much nostalgia...



I love Crystal as it was what made me fall head over heels for the Pokémon main series games. The music is unforgettable; the sprites are beautiful as are the environments in all of their modest simplicity; the surprise of visiting Kanto post game (though I hadn't played Red/Blue/Yellow, at least not in full by this point). Heart Gold was all well and good but I have almost no memory of it. It didn't blow me away like Crystal did all those years ago. I still have an unused copy of Soul Silver so perhaps I could be turned around. I doubt it though. I haven't had any lasting memories of the new games since Pearl version. That is by no means an indictment against the most recent games, but they certainly haven't left me with lasting memories like the older games have.

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While past games have neat little features that I miss, my favorite is whatever the newest game is.

Pokemon is a franchise that has only improved as each generation released (in my opinion). They slowly created or updated mechanics which got rid of or minimized flaws in the older games. Sometimes they take a step back here and there, but this is one series where nostalgia is probably the only reason to play it's older entries, unlike other series, where older games can equal or surpass newer ones in different ways. Pokemon doesn't really have that happening from what I've seen.

The only exception might be the plots; they've gotten more serious which each game, but IV and V were probably the pinnacle of it (although VI wasn't terribly far behind, imo).

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Soul Silver is my favourite. It was the first Pokemon game that I bought on the same year as release, since at that time I had only recently gotten into the gameboy pokemon games. There was so much to do in that game and it had lots of features, such as Pokemon following you, Pokeathlon, 2 regions, bug catching contests and a safari area. GameFreak would really need to go all out with a future game and add lots of features in order for me to have a new favourite.

I'd like to also give special mention to Pokemon Colosseum since I absolutely loved that one. It was fantastic due to being very different to other Pokemon games, and it's a 3D pokemon game. Plus stealing shadow pokemon was entertaining and I liked how the story was a bit darker and serious, and that the protagonist wasn't some kid getting his first pokemon.

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I really liked Heartgold and White. White was pretty cool in that it had all 150 new pokemon until you got the National Dex, plus Team Plasma was something new (much better than Plasma in BW2). I just like Heartgold because of all the stuff you can do in it and it feels classic

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Pokemon Emerald is my favorite for nostalgia reasons. Red was my first Pokemon game, then followed by Crystal, but after that I felt I was done with Pokemon and that it was a passing fad. I waiting a good year or so to pick up Pokemon Sapphire and instantly loved it when I finally did. I felt it was leaps and bounds better than Red and Crystal. Eventually Emerald came out which just made Ruby/Sapphire even better, so to me Emerald is the ultimate Pokemon.

But if we're talking objectively with a mix of some nostalgia, Pokemon White takes the cake. After Emerald, I was super excited for the next Pokemon but Pearl/Diamond/Platinum felt like steps back and really didn't retain my interest for the series. HeartGold was good but it was a remake rather than a new game, so at this point I really thought I was done. Then White and Black were announced and I suddenly became interested again. Bought White day one and instantly fell in love with it. I loved that the entire Pokemon lineup was new pokemon, it made the game feel fresh again.

So I'd have to say Emerald and White are easily my top 2.



This is hard.
Probably Omega Ruby right now.
I also liked Chrystal for the Icognito, basically.
Is still remember how revolutionary pretty Sapphire looked to me at the time.
I don't have any strong feelings for White 2, since I only played it once.
I started to play Pearl and loved the music, but I somehow got lost and didn't finish it yet.
I found X a little disappointing. The areas looked nice, but it felt a little soulless. And I hated my "friends" quite a lot.
It was too obvious in this game that the series is indeed aiming for a young audience. I prefered the one-rival solution.
But overall I guess it was a nice game. Just way at the bottom of my favorites.
I didn't play the fireread/leafgreen and heartgold/soulsilver aswell as the original black/white. But I guess I have to catch up on that.

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