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I recently purchased a copy of Castlevania: Overflow of Darkness. When I popped it into my brand new AVS console, I noticed immediately that pixels were missing from Belmont' s body. I contacted the seller and was told that the game is not defective and the issue is that the resolution is set too high. This sounds like B.S. to me since I've seen others play this game on the same console without incident. I'm thinking the problem is with the coding/programming of the game itself. Thoughts anyone?



It's a hack. I would expect no less than there to be glitches.

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@JinnDynasty The only hack/reproduction cart I have played on my AVS is Castlevania II: Redaction and that worked just fine on. Did you get the cart from a reliable seller?

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The seller on EBay has 100% positive feedback and has been very cooperative with my questions about this issue. I first asked to exchange it for another copy but they said it's a problem on my console. I'm in the process of returning the game and getting a refund but now my curiosity is piqued. What exactly can cause pixels to be missing ONLY on Belmont' s body? The rest of the game works perfectly..



I have a few hacks/repros that work perfectly on my AVS, but depending on how the hack is made, it may not work perfectly on anything but the original hardware. Just as an example, my repro of Castlevana Bloodlines works perfectly on my original Genesis, but won't work on my Retron3. Normally, the AVS can run any and all hacks/repros fine, but again, depending on how the hack was made, there might be some issues with compatibility (which sounds like the case here; perhaps the fact that the AVS is HD is causing some display issues with the cart).

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Oh snap! You see this is the first time I've ever been interested in playing/owning a hack so I'm new to this. Thanks for the informative explanation ūüėĀ



Yep, hacks are prone to some issues. It's part of playing them. Most likely not the sellers fault. - Dayman
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