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Put your favorite GBA games here. I'm getting a GameBoy Player so I want to hear all your idea's of the best games please. ^-^ Out of the ones Ive played its Pokemon Emerald.


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Well I would have to say Gunstar Super Heroes, Legend of Zelda Minish Cap, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories, Fina Fantasy 6, and any GBA castlevania games

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Fire emblem 7 and 8, yoshi's island(the port), super Mario bros three(the port), super star saga, and link to the past (the port).

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minsih cap
pokemon ruby/sapphire/emerald/firered/leafgreen
robopon ring version
metroid fusion
tales of phantasia
sonic battle
sonic advance 1/2/3
mario luigi super star saga
metroid zero mission
all the mario advances
all the final fantasy games on the gba
and ETC gameboy advance has the best game line up



the Retro Recommendations thread is here, mega, if you'd like to use it. Thank you! :3

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