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@Ralizah I went the other way around.....Sony has so many sales, but I've kind of converted to :Sony for Exclusives, Nintendo for everything I can get for it, and X1X for everything else. So I ended up rebuying things I bought on PS4 in January's sale on XBox's summer sale BUT I'm more confident my purchases are in for the next gen with them...I even picked up some OG XB games I last played on PC 13 years ago since they're now I'm going BACK through my backlog, adding all the game I missed in the last 5 years and all the games I miss from 13 years ago (I really want to play AC 1 and Jade Empire again.) BUT There's not that much more from that backlog timeframe I want, so I figure I can now coast into the end of the gen on what I bought, and by the time the new gen comes out all the new E3 games will be $15 and I can rebuild the log! I can hold off on this gen until the inevitable mid-gen refresh comes out for the X2/PS5! (Plus $60 for everything Switch because Nintendo Tax.)

Hah, not a free PS+ Sub, but I've saved enough on PS+ discounts that they've already paid me to take it Not as much with XBLG, sadly.



Ralizah wrote:

NEStalgia wrote:

Ground Zeroes was good until the ending went waaaaay off the rails (and it was a $40 prologue)

This is why I wait for sales.

It was my first purchase on my PS4 in 2014, and, for me, it was a $6 prologue.

Hah! I got it free via PS+!

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@CanisWolfred If you like stealth "third person sneakers" they're worth playing. If you love movies and feel unsure of video games as a medium they're worth playing. If you want to know what the $#@[email protected]# you just watched, just steer wide.



I still think everyone owes it to themselves to experience the paranoid po-mo weirdness of MGS2's final act first hand. That game gave me a worse scare than any survival horror game ever did.

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This is glorious. The decomposition engine (my term, not theirs) in RE2 is damn impressive:

(not for the fainthearted)

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Haha wow that's really cool. I really love how we went from the announcement that the game was greenlit 2 years ago with no info until now and it's right around the corner



I've just ordered the PSVR Starter pack. FMW.

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Reminds me now that I've moved out, I should re-try the VR now that I have the space to enjoy it properly. Should organize a game night with Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes



Cd Projekt have made it clear to Gameinformer that Cyberpunk is intended to be a PS4/Xbone game:

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PS4 is getting its own selects line, Playstation Hits. $20 for games like Uncharted 4, Ratchet and Clank, Yakuza 0 and MGSV.


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Bloodborne, God of War, and Horizon should all make it onto there at some point



@Grumblevolcano Just like the PS1/2/3 did.

The shock.

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Eww... The ugly box art returns. I need to be quick if I want to have the good looking covers!



Definitely a good thing but most of the initial games can be found for cheaper or have been that price for years. Strange to do it now but good I guess for those just getting a ps4.

@MisterPi bloodborne is is part of the first wave and Horizon is currently selling for that price from what I recall.

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Might actually get me to acknowledge PSNow's existence provided the sub is cheap enough



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