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@Ralizah They're both equal to me. SMW levels were vastly expanded, and SMB3 levels were at times crazy cheap. But they both are burned into my brain as wonderful. I don't think anything is wrong with "floaty" or "difficulty curve" or anything, and I definitely don't understand the "squashed sprites" thing. Powerups, to me, don't define a Mario game. You have mushrooms, feathers, Yoshis, flowers, and stars. What else do you need? If powerups defined great Mario, NSMB would be the best mario ever

Ok, I agree, SMG2 Yoshi caused me to have tantrums. I still to date haven't played Sunshine. I want to but I never have. I didn't have a GCN, bought GCN games for Wii, but never got Sunshine despite using real GCN controllers. I keep hoping for a remake but it never happens....

Why can't Sony give away a PS4 Pro right now? I'm still looking for a cost effective replacement for the beeping beeper! I'm too close to caving at full price....or going hard the other way and using it through the beeping and seeing how far it goes until it explodes.

I've bought 4 used PS's over the years....#4 is so far the only one that ever gave me any trouble, the beeping beeper. It's not as awful as it sounds.......but that one sounds disastrous. EVERYTHING IS DAMAGED but hey it still works......we'll let it go for 80% of full price.....just for you!



@NEStalgia 2D Mario doesn't require a TON of transformations, but it needs more than the fire flower from the original, some dinky cape that's hard to control, and... wasn't there something that made you inflate like a balloon? Ugh.

I'd say just nab a copy of Sunshine and play it on your Wii, if you still have one. It's a beautiful game (the water effects in that game were quite advanced for the time, if I recall correctly). It's also pretty strange, what with the tropical theme, voice acting (!), and whatnot, but that's all a part of its charm. I really got on well with the FLUDD, but there's also these lovely levels where it's stripped from you and you have to test your mettle against platforming challenges with nothing but gravity and your mastery of the mechanics to guide you. It's probably my second favorite of the 3D Mario games, after Galaxy, of course.

Sony has had sales on Pros a few times over the course of the year, if I'm not mistaken. You mostly play on your Xbox anyway, right? Might as well wait for a good sale rather than pay more for someone's second-hand goods.



Found FFXV Royal Edition for £7 today. Absolute bargain. They'd better not release another retail edition...

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@Ralizah the cape was basically just the new tail. But it allowed more flexibility in verticality. And yeah it had the inflation. But remember unlike the powerups in 3 there were tons of stage gimmicks that replaced the need for different powerups that were only used in 4 levels. Plus items, like the keys for keyholes, springboards, special types of blocks, puzzles with 1 way breakable blocks, and of course the dotted line exclamation blocks. It was very varied in level design rather than more stock levels but more powerups. But i do love that pure video game level design in 3, too.

I wonder how often they do go on sale and how low? Yeah most of the library is moved to x1 now, plus the switch stuff,, otoh kh3 is just a beeping month away!



@Dezzy I'd try it for that price. I believe they're done with the DLC, at least, didn't they cancel everything? You never know, but I hope this is it for FFXV.



I can never decide whether I like SMB3 or SMW better. Depends on the day. Today I'm leaning towards 3.

I really liked Sunshine, it's my favorite 3D Mario besides 64. Aside from a few tedious parts which are probably why it sometimes gets a bad rap, it's some of the most fun I've ever had with a Mario game.

Still waiting for Atlus to make Snowboard Kids 3

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I like World more. The more open level design and the addition of the spin jump really diversifies Mario's kit. Plus, reaching and maintaining top speed with Mario is a ton more natural than 3.

SMB3 is still fantastic, but World is my second favorite Mario game for a reason.

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Just paid for Shadow of the Colossus on the web based PS Store. Go to my PS4, downloads the 6.20 update. I tell it to install....and it crashed. Cant do anything. Threw up an error code.

Turns out my PS4, in a somewhat at this point unsurprising level of software incompetence, downloaded the update file...and then couldn't find it, so every time I turn the thing on, the OS knows it wants to update, but cant find the file it downloaded.

So safe mode, redownload, blah blah blah. Just another day in the life of my PS4.

Never mind. It installed, told me to restart, ERROR CODE!

Callou calley what a joyous day. Screw this console.

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@Knuckles-Fajita And just like that you've acquired my console and computer luck!

Yours can join my beeping ps4 in the trash!



@NEStalgia said : "Definitely surprising! I think if you polled NL, most would vote that you're a PS fanboy that also oddly loves WiiU "

Apparently, people don't understand the difference between "present time" and "all time".
If we talk THIS generation, I personally think that the Wii U had the best librairy of exclusives.
Then Sony after 2 years/ 2.5 years started to put games and games and games on the table + a lot of quality 3rd party games came to complete the stuff...
At the same time, the Switch landed on store shelves and then, until today, I'm not satisfied of the offer AT ALL.

There are three key points that I can't forgive :

The dryness of the librairy in term of exclusive SWITCH titles, I'm sorry but Go Vaccation, Labo, 1 2 Switch, Star Allies, Snipperclips, Aces etc... are not at an acceptable level of quality.

The laziness of Nintendo to port Wii U games rather than making new exclusives. In the ENTIRE history of gaming, NEVER a new system had that flow of ports from the previous generation.

_Mariokart 8
_Lego City
_Rayman Legends
_Bayonetta 2
_Hyrule Warriors
_Donkey Kong CTF
_Fast Racing
_One Piece U R
_Captain Toad TT
_Resident Evil Revelations
_Warrior Orochi 3
_New Super Mario Bros U/Luigi U
And I even dont add the PS2/PS3/XBOX360/DS/3DS ports either...

The price of everyhing related to the Switch :

_Dock at 99.99€
_Ports of Wii U games at FULL PRICE
_Pokéball at 55€
_Online that you have to pay when the previous one was FREE and BETTER.

So yeah, I really have a problem with the actual policy because Nintendo is doing basically the antithesis of what they normally do...

As a symbol, Kimishima was placed at the head after Iwata's death, A "BANKSTER" to replace a developer...

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"The dryness of the librairy in term of exclusive SWITCH titles, I'm sorry but Go Vaccation, Labo, 1 2 Switch, Star Allies, Snipperclips, Aces etc... are not at an acceptable level of quality."

Excuse me, but i really LIKE GoVacation, 1-2-Switch and other games. 🤔
You measured every single games that NON 1080p Full Action games = Blah.
Those games are Acceptable for me in term of quality.

"Then Sony after 2 years/ 2.5 years started to put games and games and games on the table + a lot of quality 3rd party games came to complete the stuff..."

I'm sorry but i CANNOT get a LOT of Decent PS4 games for kids. I get only these from PS4 :
1. The Sims 4 (Also with Cat & Dog Bundle)
2. Portal Knights (Gold Throne Edition)
3. Kingdom Hearts 1.5 + 2.5 HD Remix

The other 3rd party games for kids were just Blah or Also on Nintendo Switch (That's means = No buy the PS4 version).
You said there are a lot of quality 3rd party, i said "I don't think so. "
Nintendo Switch is about quality 3rd party / indies, NOT PS4.

Oh, later on year 2019, i will remove my 3 PS4 games due to availability on Nintendo Switch in physical release as well (World of Final Fantasy, FF X/X-2, FF XII the Zodiac Age).

My Top 6 games :
1. Dance Dance Revolution series (99)
2. Dragon Quest Builders 2 PS4/Switch (95)
3. The Sims 4 PS4 + All contents (93)
4. Portal Knights PS4 (90)
5. Final Fantasy VIII PS1 (90)
6. Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo 3DS (89)

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Cobalt wrote:

I'm not satisfied of the offer AT ALL.

Remember this ladies and gentlemen. "I'm not satisfied".

Off topic,but i do wonder if 90 percent of you who have time to write these damn paragraphs even play games? Or better yet beat anything at all.

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So uh...why is this thread turning into a "PS4 library is better than Switch lol" thread?

Why do people even respond to Cobalt when clearly the dude just needs to get a reaction out of everyone with negativity. This is a PS4 fan thread so just keep it on-topic. I'm sure there are actual PS4 GAMES to talk about since it has such a VAST library, so why not talk about games?



@MsJubilee said "Remember this ladies and gentlemen. "I'm not satisfied"."

This is true... but when you quote me, please quote the beginning of the sentence too... ^^

"UNTIL TODAY, I'm not satisfied of the offer AT ALL."

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Varkster wrote:

I'm sure there are actual PS4 GAMES to talk about since it has such a VAST library, so why not talk about games?

Hey, that's what I've been trying to do for years..!

So... Thronebreaker: The Witcher Tales. Anyone else playing it? I really like it so far. Quality CDPR writing and Gwent. The game is pretty difficult as well, especially those puzzle battles. I'm nearly done with the first map. I have to see if I can sync my PC Gwent account to my PS4, because I'd love to dive back in Gwent and I've gotten a fair share of cards during the beta. But I wonder if they're still eligible with the new update and all...



@Octane haven’t tried it yet because of the shame pile but I definitely want to - good to hear you’re enjoying it though, never quite understood why gwent got/gets as much hate as it did/does?

There’s quite a few smaller titles released lately i’d just love to have the time to play (mutant year zero the other big one) but there’s just no way i can fit them in - why oh why do they release them alongside all of the yearly big hitters?!

Anyone else find it odd that switch has a wish list and ps/xbox don’t (or at least didn’t?)? If you’d told me before switch launched that it’d have had a wishlist i’d have shrugged, but I actually find it incredibly useful for watching prices/sales etc, same as with steam.



@BrainOfGrimlock Does it get a lot of hate? I just think it's not as popular as TW3, but I haven't seen a lot of dislike for it. I mean, it's a card game, so it's not for everyone. But still...

There's a wishlist on PS4, don't think I've ever used it though.



The Danganronpa vibes are strong with this one. Which makes sense, considering Kodaka is involved with the game.

@BrainOfGrimlock There's a wishlist on Sony's web storefront. That's all I ever use to browse their digital library, because the PS4's storefront is terribad.

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Octane wrote:

@Dezzy I'd try it for that price. I believe they're done with the DLC, at least, didn't they cancel everything? You never know, but I hope this is it for FFXV.

There was a big update yesterday, which was the final update for the Comrades DLC, and also added the FFXIV crossover DLC (which is just a short mission that's a trivial bit of fun with some cool bonuses).
Then the final update is the Ardyn DLC in March. As far as we know, that will be it. Nothing else after that.
The Royal Edition (PS4/Xbone) which is identical to the PC version of the game is probably the final retail version of the game though. That contains everything except for the Ardyn DLC, so they probably won't release a new retail version just for 1 added DLC.

It should also be pointed out for anyone who hasn't played the game at all, the Ardyn DLC will be intended to be played at the end of the main game, because it relies on spoilers that you only learn in the final chapter. So if you want to play FFXV for the first time, you don't need to wait til March to start. You can start in Jan/Feb and then just play the Ardyn DLC after you've finished.

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The PS4 still a beast in the States... NPD results for November :

PS4 : 1470K
Switch : 1356K
XBONE : 1338K




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