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Should Popcap make a sequel to Plants vs. Zombies? All they've done so far is port it to multiple platforms, with minor tweaks here and there. They're certainly not afraid to make sequels, at least not when it comes to Bejewled, Zuma, Peggle, Bookworm, etc. Does it really need a sequel? Or is it good enough the way they've been doing it, with minor tweaks across multiple platforms?

Also, another Popcap game I played several years ago, Insaniquarium, heavily influenced Plants vs. Zombies, which is evident if you ever play it. It wasn't one of Popcap's well-known games, so it unfortunately gets overlooked most of the time. PvZ is what you could call the "spiritual successor" to Insaniquarium, because, even though you can see the influences, it is certainly a different game. It even has a mini-game based of of Insaniquarium, Zombiquarium, which, sadly, does no justice to the game it's based off of. Stinky the Snail also comes directly from Insaniquarium.

So, does PvZ need a sequel? And feel free to discuss anything else Popcap related.

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Maybe.We need a PvZ adventure.Like,fighting zombies all over the world who want to eat everyone's BRAAAINZZZ!

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I want Insaniquarium 2 first, I loved that game, but a PvZ sequel would be nice too.

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I used to play Bookworm all the time on their website.


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There's not much to expand upon in the PvZ formula without it getting repetitive as hell. I say, keep the game sequel-less.

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I'm a huge PopCap fan! Jeff Green, PopCap's Director of Editorial and Social Media, is a great (inspirational) guy that I've had the chance to chat with a few times.

I'm guessing you guys don't know this, but PopCap recently let the creator of Plants vs. Zombies go in a company layoff. Rumour is that the sequel is going to be a first person shooter and not a true sequel.

As a big Plants vs. Zombies fan, I'd love to see a true sequel, but I doubt we ever will.

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I'd like to see a sequel, but there would need to be A LOT added or changed to make it worth the cash.

And yes, endless ports are annoying (looking at you Cave Story)

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I'm down with a sequel, or at the very least some DLC add-on levels.



Apparently, a few days ago1 a, MarkMoniter? registered a few new domains, all in someway saying
Plants VS Zombies: Garden Warefare.
I would be willing to bet that person is related to Popcap.. Or just some guy that wants to make money if they do decide to name the sequel that.
1. On the 16th, so I'm a little late.

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I used to travel the stars, then I discovered Earth, and these incredibly addicting things called 'Video Games.'
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