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Nope, this news deserved a new thread so he could watch on and gauge peoples reactions and whether or not people 'liked' him therefore helping him decide if he should return or not. Blah de blah.

He should have just made a second log-in. Like I have. Who is it?!? The winning guess gets a prize*.

*the prize is a lie

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Sean007 is too sensititve if he pirates all his Wii games if you ask me.



I sold my Wii too - and bought a 3D0 with it - finally an epic console - so sick of casual trash.

IGN: The holiday Wii lineup looks thin for the hardcore crowd. We see this. Gamers see this. What, if anything, is Nintendo planning to address it?

Oh good, I am neither a gamer or hardcore. Saves me from having to be IGNorant.
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