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On the Pokemon situation, the Pokemon twitter account is doing a region per day (note that this is a US account so Kanto was on the 20th in those time zones).

If you continue the pattern you'll have:
22nd - Hoenn
23rd - Sinnoh
24th - Unova
25th - Kalos
26th - Alola
27th - Gen 8

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Pokémon Day is on the 27th right?

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A Pokémon Direct on the 27th sounds about right, what with the previous one being on a Wednesday as well.


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I think if Xbox Gamepads happens, it'll be primarily for Japan.

It gives MS a chance to get their software out on a popular device in a market that hasn't embraced their own hardware (so it wouldn't effect Xbox sales in any meaningful way), and Japan has the internet infrastructure to handle the streaming of bigger games.

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@Grumblevolcano I was waiting for the Johto one before commenting on this, because doesn't make a pattern. But yeah, now it's obvious. Lines up with Pokemon Day as well.

@-Green- Yes.



Anyone have one of thowe GPD Win? Are they good?

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I wonder what region we'll get now? I've heard rumblings about a Spain-inspired one, but, personally, I wouldn't mind something more exotic. One with a heavy rainforest theme would be fun.



I would have wanted a winter-themed game, but then I remember that Platinum and Black/White 2 already went that route.

I'd love an Italy or Greece setting. That would be great.

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@Ralizah @EvilLucario The setting is something I couldn't care less about if I'm honest. It's not a 1-to-1 anyway. GameFreak dumps mountains, volcanoes, jungles and deserts wherever they want; regardless of what ''region'' it is based on.



@Ralizah Australia would be nice judging by Forza Horizon 3.


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Would be cool if Gamefreak actually put the time and effort into making a completely new settings instead of copy and badly pasting real world marvels

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I have GPD Win 2. Dont bother with the original GPD Win. They're too weak, had heatsink issues, no automatic fan, and the list of problems goes on and on. A fantastic first effort from an Indiegogo team though.

The second one, however, is solid gold. It'll run you $650+ but man is it something. They addressed practically every single issue with the first one. Its considerably more powerful than Switch and can run games like Wolfenstein New Order and Batman Arkham City on max settings 720p (though I'd stick with medium settings for longer battery life and less flirting with frame drops). A new heatsink mod just released as well that drops temps by up to 21 degrees. Mine hasn't arrived yet but, ya. You have to take the back cover off and install yourself but they have videos showing you how to do it.

Even just running stock settings out the box you can run any GameCube game via Dolphin in 720p (though I tend to do 1.5x native res for better battery life). Runs most Wii games, all PSP games flawlessly, and some PS2 games (like Dragon Quest VIII)

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CurryPowderKeg79 wrote:

StuTwo wrote:

Nintendo has a mountain of cash (which is bad) and this is simply the most efficient and safest way of spending it.

And why is Nintendo having lots of money bad?

When a company has a mountain of cash investors like to see it spent on something that will make more profit or given to them (as dividends).

From a stock market perspective a company should (usually) ideally have some debt (because that way someone else’s money is working for you).

Basically when it comes to cash: use it or lose it. This is also why companies like Microsoft, Apple and Facebook buy what are basically start ups for ridiculous amounts of money (see Apple buying Beats or Facebook buying Oculus or just about every purchase that Microsoft has ever made). They need to spend their money - it’s doesnt matter that their purchases are vastly over priced because they have so much cash on hand and the important thing is to spend it on something that converts cash into potential growth.


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@StuTwo Your post makes a lot of sense, apart from the fact that Nintendo seems to resist that growth pattern, aside from the occasional Dena type deal.

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THQ Nordic will be publishing Ori and The Blind Forest for switch according to UK Wholesale database.

I hope this isn't the end of THQ Nordic helping to bring Microsoft Games to Steam or Switch. but this seems to be getting closer to being real.

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@Aozz101x I can only assume Microsoft doesn't want to deal in publishing games outside it's own platforms which does make some sense, though at the same time makes no sense because if rumours are true, they are bringing across some form of Game Pass so why not just publish the games yourself. It's all very weird. However until it's all confirmed and announced I will not believe a thing.



Ralizah wrote:

Amusingly enough, right now the PS4 version is $10 more than the Xbone or Switch versions.


im creep out with thoese eyes... :P

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