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How much do you spend on games for your Switch every month? I can’t list a number for sure, but i’d say that I spend roughly $15-25 a month on avg. I usually pick up one indie per month and then a big release every few months. For those who buy a $40-60 game every month, how big is your backlog?



Year one (up until Christmas) I bought a full price game almost every month (mk, arms, splatoon, zelda, odyssey, doom, skyrim.) so 2017 average probably around 50 quid a month. 2018 however has been a different story, not a lot releasing that I'm interested in, I've bought rabbids and fifa this year, but not really bought any 2018 releases



I've got about one game every other month and about 2x that for download only titles. So whatever that works out to be in whatever currency you're using. And for retail Nintendo titles, looking at my collection, I've kept that pace more or less since I got back into Nintendo with the DS Lite. The only difference being that with the Switch I'm not splitting those purchases across two machines and download-only content is less of a novelty.

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I have 9 retail games, all of which I got for £25-35, and the only digital games (of the total of about 9 titles) I've paid more than £5 for are Chess Ultra, Rocket League and Stardew Valley I think.

So in total, across the 13 months since launch, I must've spent about £330 on Switch games, but I also sold a couple and made a £10 profit, so let's all it £320...

... which equates to £24.62 per month.

It would be slightly higher but one recent game purchase fell through. And I've been buying plenty of 3DS games in the same period.

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I spent £224.99 on buying my Switch back in February along with Super Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild and Golf Story (about £140-ish).

Since then, I have spent £6.29 on The Kings of Fighters ‘98, and nothing much else.

I have already played all of those third party ports and numerous indie games on my PlayStation 4 and I don’t feel any compulsion to replay my Wii U games again - especially at full price - so, it is very, very slim pickings for me at the moment.

It’s great for those who never had a Wii U though!

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@Peek-a-boo I never had a wii u and there are still some games that I'd like to play from there, I'm not interested in bayonetta or spending 50 for dk so, for me 2018 has been poor so far, 2017 was great, I'm hoping they've got plenty stored up to announce at e3, otherwise the switch is losing its appeal to me.



I'm spending on average about £100 per month and it's all going on indies and retro titles. Sometimes I go over, like this month due to Football Manager's unexpected release and sometimes under when no Neo Geo releases appeal to me but I'd say £100 is about right. The last full retail release I got was Doom for my birthday back in November. Dark Souls Remastered, Street Fighter Collection and Mario Tennis will be my next 3.

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Mine really depends on if a title I want is out or not. If nothing, then 0 that month. If there's 3 titles? Don't care, buy it anyway.

I do try to limit myself to 1 major purchase a month most of the time


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Depend on what games that i can buy during certain years.
For this year, my Shopping list so far :
May 2018 = Nintendo LABO Toy Con Kits 01

June 2018 = Yonder the Cloud Catcher Chronicles, Street Fighter 30th Anniversary

July 2018 = Sushi Striker , Mario Tennis Aces

August 2018 = Penguin Wars

My Top 6 games :
1. Dance Dance Revolution series (99)
2. Dragon Quest Builders 2 PS4/Switch (95)
3. The Sims 4 PS4 + All contents (93)
4. Portal Knights PS4 (90)
5. Final Fantasy VIII PS1 (90)
6. Animal Crossing New Leaf: Welcome Amiibo 3DS (89)

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This year for me:
(The months aren't necessarily the month I will get the games, but when they release.)
APRIL: Nintendo LABO Variety Kit
JUNE: Mario Tennis Aces
JULY: Crash Bandicoot N-Sane Trilogy
2018: Pokèmon, Super Smash Bros.

I'm hoping E3 can change things a bit - I got 12 games last year.



I mean, I could add it all up and divide by the number of months to give you an average, but that would be meaningless since I have had months where I spend nothing and had one month where I dropped 600 dollars (launch). It all depends on what's going on and what's coming out. To date I have spent about 2400 dollars on the Switch I believe. Working full time has its benefits. If I were still working part time in college, I'd probably have spend 500-600 in the same time frame or less.

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I've spent just over $500 In 6 months, so it averages out to about $85 a month.



In the 13 months or so since launch, I've bought six carts, plus Dark Souls preordered for next month, and, off the top of my head, 12 eShop games. So roughly one digital game per month, and a retail release every couple of months. Guess that's £30-£40 a month, not including the Switch itself and accessories (Joy-cons, case, etc).

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Last month? About $1000.

But that’s cause I bought a Switch, a bunch of accessories, and a lot of games. xD

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I think it would be unwise for my blood pressure to sit down and actually calculate how much cash I have spent on our two Switch systems, assessories and games since March 2017. Too much for my budget, that's for certain☺️

Games come out virtually every single week that are of interest to me on the eShop - mainly arcade releases - and I have identified at least half a dozen retail titles I intend to purchase this year let alone what then get's announced at E3.

2017 was crazy for purchases, just so many games. Probably bought more in that first 6, 9 months of Switch than I have ever spent in the same period for any previous generation. Moreover, I've still got a few retail titles to cherry pick from that are out and I'd like to buy at some stage.

Going forward, I'd like to curb my excessive and often spontaneous spending and save up for the retail games I most want to play right away and then allow myself a treat of maybe 2 or 3 eShop releases a month. Even that will be too much cash put into gaming considering how little time I actually get to play 😂

Can't help myself, I'm still in the honeymoon period with the Switch. The hybrid honey has really brought the hobby alive for me again.

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I usually limit myself to one game a month. Usually the games are $20 or less, but it's never been over $30.


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Scrummer wrote:

I usually limit myself to one game a month. Usually the games are $20 or less, but it's never been over $30.

Then you missed out on CE/LE/SE version then. I like others make a list of what I want and Pre-order to get the best deals. Some buys more then others and sometimes for NS-I don't get to all the games but knowing that I got deals on them. Physical games don't always fall 20-30 so the rate won't fit those wanting physical games.



I try to limit myself to $15-$20 per week.



since i started playing it regularly. about 60-150 USD a month. depending on whats coming out and if i really want to play something.

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@Peek-a-boo It's interesting how even the people who are hesitant or unwilling to repurchase Wii U games again inevitably seem to own MK8D.



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