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@YamAsereht That eventual divorce is going to be painful. Will you be the one to tell the Switch you are seeing the upgraded sister behind it's back in a couple of years or will your Switch see you playing around with it?



In my opinion the switch is the best console i ever played. The only problem with it is that there are not enough games. It may sound kinda harsh but it would benefit frome some more variety. I still like platformers but kirby and donkey kong and could have been a little more spaced out. I have the same problem with hyrule warriors and fire emblem warriors. The upcoming mario tennis aces and sushi strikers are games that I'm not really sure about. They could be good or even great but they could also dissapoint. I really hope that nintendo releases Fire emblem and another big hitter like pokemon besides smash because I'm not really that hyped for Yoshi. Third party-wise I was really happy with the south park port and the upcoming Ys VIII and Crash bandicoot ports. I just hope that companies are going to bring the right games to switch. At this point there is not a really good fighter on switch so a port of mortal combat, injustice 2 or tekken 7 would be huge. A shooter like borderlands would also be great. A great Racing game is also missing, i would take a need for speed rivals port. I also hope that Bethesda brings dishonered and fallout to switch. Ubisoft support for the switch has also been great, a port of assassins creed rogue and farcry 3 or 4 would also be lovely. Other third-party games that would really fit well on switch are Zero Escape: The Nonary Games, Xcom 2, danganronpa, Devil may cry, Wonderful 101, Batman Arkham Knight and GTA V. I Also hope EA and 2k's sport titels are good ports this year. Conclusion, yes i love my switch but i don't love the amount of good games that are on switch at this point in time.



JasmineDragon wrote:

... the download speeds are terrible

While it's annoying if a new gadget doesn't get along with your existing setup, there should be a solution for this as my download speeds are fine.

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After the Wii U I was indeed hesitant. But as of today I noticed that by year's end I will have as many games for my Switch as I did for the Wii U and in just two years of the Switch being a thing. For me, that is 45+ retail games. The Switch's library is insanely impressive and makes me fear for my bank account.

The console is flawed but brilliant but it has always been the games that drove me to love gaming. And the Switch's sheer abundance of games that cater to me have made it the best console in my collection. I love my Switch and it is great to know my gamble on the idea of a hybrid-console being a thing paid off brilliantly.



I love my Switch but I will admit I have some problems with it. For one there is a lack of games that you can record video on using the screenshot button. Secondly the titles are great but a lot are from other consoles. But I do love most of the exclusive games because they have beautiful environments: XC2, BOTW, SMO. Also there isn't a lack of games but for some it could seem like there is because they are just rereleased.



Yes. Only thing that would make me dislike the system would be if games suddenly stopped coming out for it. Obviously that's not happening any time soon.

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I like it enough but I have some issues with it. The onboard storage is way too small. In addition I'm not too big on all the wii u ports as I owned a wii u. I also want more major 3rd party support and I hate that Nintendo was too cheap to include a charging grip for the joycons.

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Very much so, as I'm getting older, I have found I have less time for gaming on the TV, my wife likes to watch her shows and the Switch gives me opportunity if it's something I don't want to watch to play in handheld.

It's got to the point where I am thinking of getting rid of my PS4 and just sticking with the Switch. I love my PS4, but I have to look at my situation, especially with money and having bills, family etc to pay for, that too it limited so I'm always going to be unable to buy all the games that I want to buy for both systems. Plus when I do game, I find I'm not having hours and hours playing like I used too, again which is probably down to how things in my life have changed.

The fact that I'm not tied to a TV with the Switch is the main reason I love it, combined with the games I have and what's to come, this system is perfect for me.

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I Love it..... but, The game line up in 2017 was great, a constant stream of first and third party games. I bought Zelda , mario, mk8, splatoon, doom , fifa, arms, skyrim, mario plus rabbids. it was fantastic. Year 2, not so much, ive not been interested in any of the first party stuff so far in 2018, and im not into indys particularly. Im basically still regularly playing my 2017 titles. Really hoping for a strong e3 , otherwise for me 2018 is a bust, even including smash. I hope im proven wrong and they absolutely kill it at e3.



@SwitchForce I have got the ‘holy trinity’ - Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe and Super Mario Odyssey - along with Golf Story, Kamiko, SteamWorld Dig 2 and a NeoGeo game (The King of Fighters ‘98).

I have happily completed them all besides Golf Story. I thoroughly enjoyed my honeymoon period!

Already played most of the worthwhile indie games on my PlayStation 4 over the past three years, and I have zero desire to buy any (more) Wii U ports, especially at full price, and considering I have already played them before. More power for those who choose to do so though.

I am really looking forward to playing Runner3 this month!

The likes of Yakuza 6, Ni no Kuni II and God of War have got my undivided attention at present.



Got mine in November and have had a constant stream of top tier games to play back to back to back, (Going from SMO to DBX2 to XC2 to MK8D [this a gift] to BotW to FEW to Kirby [as brief as it was] one right after the other has been a wild ride), so I'd say I'm still very much in love with it. I'm not too excited with my current game (Atelier Lydie & Suelle, which isn't bad by any means, but my first Switch game I'd call average) so my overall Switch playtime has slowed, but as I'm nearing the end I'm picking up the pace again.

Certainly it helps that I don't have a PS4 or Wii U however, as so many of the recent/upcoming ports are new to me.

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Yes. The Switch is the console I've been waiting for; playing console-grade games on the go is a god-send. The system itself is amazing.

But I'm still not sure whether I like the system more than my Wii U (yes, I said it). It's probably not going to take too long before I fully prefer the Switch to the Wii U. I guess I just had a lot of fun playing the Wii U, even with games like Splatoon 2, Odyssey, and Breath of the Wild.

The future is looking excellent w/ games like Smash and Mario Tennis Aces. Yep, now is probably the worst time to NOT like the Switch.

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Even though I'm platform agnostic, I find myself playing mostly my Switch since I bought mine back in August. However, I'm very excited for PS5 and Xbox Two in the next couple or few years. The PS4 and Xbox One, hardware wise, were already being pushed to their limit before this generation of consoles even began. I'm ready for 1080p 60fps across all my games on either PS5 or Xbox Two.

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Bruh, when ISNT the switch on me??
Fortunately for me I’m not old and not having a family I often have loooads of free time on my hands when I’m not working.

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@Magician Hopefully they keep providing 1080p 60 FPS options with next-gen systems. God of War 2018 and Monster Hunter World shows that with more extra grunt available compared to even the Xbox One X or PS4 Pro, we could perhaps see 60 FPS for these types of games. Open world games like Assassin's Creed and such would probably barely hit 60 FPS though, even at 1080p.

I'm sorta old school in that even 720p looks awesome, so just give me very harsh dynamic resolution so I can have my butter-smooth 60 FPS whenever possible.

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