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@KirbyTheVampire Same.

And I bought my Switch a shy over two months ago in February and have already ‘ran out’ of games to play!

I am looking forward to when things pick up again in a few months time though, with the likes of Runner3 in May, Mario Tennis Aces in June and Project Octopath in July. Those three should be pretty good.



I do enjoy the switch but last couple months it has been used quite a bit less than the ps4. My kids still play with them just about daily and I still play with them in multiplayer games but as far as my personal gaming time,switch has take a back seat as of late. Should change in May with DKC and Hyrule warriors, but not if I don't finish God Of War by then 😊



redd214 wrote:

May with DKC and Hyrule warriors, but not if I don't finish God Of War by then 😊

Same as me

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Peek-a-boo wrote:

@KirbyTheVampire Same.
And I bought my Switch a shy over two months ago in February and have already ‘ran out’ of games to play!
I am looking forward to when things pick up again in a few months time though, with the likes of Runner3 in May, Mario Tennis Aces in June and Project Octopath in July. Those three should be pretty good.

Well how many games do you have then? I got 80 games and some don't get much play time as others BoTW was the most hours but got Kirby and not everyone is like has time to burn.



@JorrieQPO The Switch is going through a bit of a dry phase, but I absolutely still use it nearly daily.

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The Switch is just ok right now, I only have 3 Switch games right now Zelda, Mario Odyssey, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe. Really nothing else on it that I am interested in playing right off. The Switch is really lacking in games right now if you were a Wii U owner. So right now most of my time is either on PS4 or actually doing other stuff besides gaming.



As a person who works fulltime and have a lot of other stuff to do during my spare time, I have the luxury of having too many games to play on the Switch, and there are more coming. I've managed to collect over 20 games in a short time and many of them are real time sinkers, so yeah, I have a lot of games to play. I just need to find the time.

For me there's no drought and I must say, that with the Switch, I now actively try to find some time to play every evening. I love this console, part of it because of its brilliant design, but most because of all the good to great games in its library.

The only thing I wish for are some apps like YouTube, Netflix, HBO, and so on.

But a lack of games? Nope, cannot see it.

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Starting to enjoy my Switch again. I took a long break from it after beating Zelda. Enjoying Mario Odyssey and playing Zelda again. Waiting for Donkey Kong Country to release.

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gcunit wrote:

@Hallonblad Wowsers! So what's your total playtime on the game?

I don't use fast-travel, and I don't have the Korok mask, but I can't see myself bothering to track them all down (I've played about 140 hours and found around 240 I think) Particularly the seeds hidden beneath ice blocks in the Hebra region as they're no fun to release (as far as I've established - I just light a fire or use fire arrows on it).

Far too many. o.O Let me check.


So I haven't played BotW since January, so it had dropped off the list on my profile, so I had to find the cartridge, put it in, realise I had archived the game and thus re-download it, start it up and then check the hours. XD Appreciate my effort to answer this question! Also, the answer is- drumroll please!- 520 hours or more. Which is... a pretty large gap to Disgaea 5 at 285 hours or more and my second most played game. -.-' Yeah, the Switch indeed lets me rack up hours I never would've been able to get on other consoles.

As for the iced seeds- the more fire, the faster it goes- so this never really bothered me. Naturally, some seeds are more fun than others, but I mostly just see them as a nifty little reward for finding whatever spot on the map. Also, korok mask gone wild is the most adorable thing I've seen ever. And I've had plenty of kittens in my life. :3

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I guess one's love for the Switch these days will depend if one likes to play games or to buy them.

Okay, there's not a lot of games to buy "right now" (except a lot of games but they don't count of course since they were already available elsewhere... and except for Nintendo Labo but it doesn't count of course since it's kind of different). But having "nothing to play" would mean being done with Zelda + Mario Odyssey + Mario Kart + Mario Rabbids + Splatoon 2 + Arms + Xenoblade + Kirby + Snipperclips (+ all the ports from 3rd parties and indies, but of course you did them already since they were already available elsewhere).



As someone who has interest in like 98% of all types/genres of games, I'm flooded in Switch games. 2017 had So many games two of which(BotW and Xenoblade) both took me over 200+ hours to beat. As with every other system, I'll never catch up with all the games I'd want to play.

I think the closest I ever got to getting all the games I wanted for a system was the Wii U,but even then I never got around to picking up Wonderful 101, Tokyo Mirage or Paper Mario(Switch ports plz)

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@Hallonblad I do appreciate the effort - well done

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Have 27 games currently, but I find myself getting bored after replaying them all again. Luckily DKC TF, Hyrule Warriors, and Megaman Legacy will be out this month.



Yes, I am still madly in love with my Switch and infact have even decided to take our relationship to the next level. I proposed to my Switch, and decided to get married. Will decide do date later.



More in love with mine than ever, to be honest!

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@JorrieQPO I've had mine since launch day and I have to say it's one of my favorite gaming devices ever. I have a busy life and fierce competition for the only TV in the house, so the flexibility of the Switch makes it my ideal machine, and I don't need to buy a million games because I only have so much time. I also skipped most of the last two console generations. And finally, I have two kids, so I like most of my games to be kid-safe. I play mature titles too, but I do need kid-ready games.

So basically, I'm the Switch's perfect audience. And it has not failed to deliver everything I need. I'm playing several different RPGs, a couple of strategy titles and a bit of mindless action here and there. My kids have plenty to play - the eldest has put hundreds of hours into Zelda and Stardew Valley, and the youngest has completed SMO and Snipperclips, dabbled in Stardew and Battle Chef Brigade, and loves to play ARMS with me.

The top titles are very expensive for my taste, but there are also plenty of cheap games that are great. I'm playing Manticore right now and it's tremendous. I've gotten many hours over my money's worth from Fast RMX and Stardew Valley. If I ever run out of new RPGs to dive into (no, it's not looking likely at the moment) I want to get Golf Story.

I won't say the Switch is perfect, I've had some issues with a Joy-Con dying, the download speeds are terrible, and it truly isn't as portable as my beloved 3DS. I also really wish it came with more storage and that the physical releases of indie games didn't come with the Switch Tax. But it's a beautiful system for me, and yes, I still love my Switch.

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So in love

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Yes, every day. Becoming one of my favourite systems ever. I've had no trouble finding plenty to buy either.

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I'm not in love with my Nintendo Switch yet. I just really like it so far. More great exclusives will change that. For now I can still count them with one hand so.....

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