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I am a Switch owner from day one and use it 90% of the time as a handheld. BOTW was my big favorite and I played it for many days. I also bought and played a lot of other games. I notice that I play less and less with the Switch lately, because most Switch games can't hold my attention long enough. I use my Nintendo 3DS XL more often again and even sometimes my good old Game Boy Advance (AGS-101). Do any of you recognize this or am I just getting old?



I don’t really blame you, the Switch is going through a bit of a dry period right now, but if all the rumors are to be believed that should be changing soon.

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The first year was fantastic. I picked up my Switch last June and there was a big new release that I wanted every month. This year has been a little quieter... I've literally only purchased Indie / Eshop games. I'm excited about the future of the console, but right now the only game I'm playing daily is Stardew Valley. I still love my Switch, but it's certainly a lot easier to resist its charms at the moment.

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I haven’t really used my Switch much since February when I bought Bayonetta 1 & 2. Since then apart from perhaps 2 indie games, there’s been nothing on the Switch I care about.

Kirby would have been a day one but until the demo outright put me off. Mario Tennis Aces looks rather boring, but then again I don’t do sports games other than Mario Kart.

I really hope E3 has some big reveals and not more Wii U ports otherwise it’s gonna be a long 2018.



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JorrieQPO wrote:

I am a Switch owner from day one and use it 90% of the time as a handheld. BOTW was my big favorite and I played it for many days. I also bought and played a lot of other games. I notice that I play less and less with the Switch lately, because most Switch games can't hold my attention long enough. I use my Nintendo 3DS XL more often again and even sometimes my good old Game Boy Advance (AGS-101). Do any of you recognize this or am I just getting old?

I find the exact reverse. I still play my Switch on/off because of my busy work days and I do have alot of 3DS XL and games around to play. Not all 3DS games are on Switch so that is why I still have both and if they release for both I get the Switch version unless it is a just Mario/Zelda version for 3DS then I still get those. Everyone has their own game play and what works for one is different for another. I still want to get back to BoTW but that take time last I played I went straight 5 hours Docked. The only time I take a break if the game frustrates me and that tells me take a break and come back when your good to go.



Haven't been playing my Switch much, other than playing together with friends.

The games I wanted all haven't released... (West of Loathing for Spring, and then the rest is Summer or 2018 with no other dates).

But still love it though, I have lulls in playing my DS/3DS/Vita as well, so it's not like Switch is alone in that regards. When the games are out though, I'm sticking real hard to my Switch!

(not sure why the topic is play or not but it's asking about loving the switch, I mean... you can just not play it and still love it)


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It has been my go-to console since day one, and there simply isn't enough time in the world to play all the games I'm interested in. Sure, there hasn't been a big Nintendo title in months - but do I really need one when I have 2017s backlog (XC2 alone took me about 4 months) and the only portable versions of many indie and 3rd party games?



Backlog, DLC and updates means even in this drought between Kirby and the May Wii U ports, there's still lots to do. I thought I'd start Mario + Rabbids after I finish BotW but the Splatoon 2 3.0 update and Xenoblade 2 1.4.0 update means finishing BotW is probably at least a few more weeks away.

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Switch is still my #1 platform of all time. Recently I have been using it mostly handheld and have been catching up on PS4 backlog (slooooowwlyyy) on the TV, but since I have more time to use handheld than I do TV time, it's still the platform with the most hours racked up. Still hooked on DQ: Builders as I've had less gaming time overall lately, so I'm working my way through slower than I otherwise might have. Looking forward to South Park and the RPG onslaught. Heck I haven't even opened Skyrim Switch, or Xenoblade yet!



Not really.
BotW and Odyssey were good, but not fantastic. I've got a lot of the ports and have no interest in purchasing them again, the ones I don't have I can get cheaper elsewhere if I want them. None of the multiplayer games are of any interest because eventually I'd have to pay for a service that should be free.

The first year of the 3DS and Wii U had better offerings for me than the switch had. I'm not going to sell it, but if any companies want me to buy their games, they have to lift theirs, otherwise modding my console is going to look mighty tempting.

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I love my Switch but am not a fan of the release schedule post-Skyrim.

For me it is crying out for a GTA/Watch_Dogs/Assassin's Creed/Far Cry type game or two, and we're still yet to get an announcement on any such type of game, which has driven me to buying games on my PS4 again, reluctantly.

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Hell yeah. It has so much games already within the first year, and that's all I need. Give me the games and I'll play it... budget allowing, that is.

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LOL! I am actually the opposite. I bought the Switch a month after release because of BotW ( Had the game first before I got the Switch ) But end up not too into BotW ( and I played just about all the Zelda games there came out for DS/3DS/WiiU ). Played a little Mario Kart 8, Splatoon. Mostly played by my 10 YO. She like those 2 games and Odyssey. ( I don't really care for it )

But this year, I have played Cat Quest, Dragon Quest Builder, and Don't Stave. Still have tons of backlog on PS4.

If the question is "if I Still love my Switch" I never love my switch to beginning with, but might change later down the line ( who knows ) For now, I still love my Vita, 3DS and PS4 more.

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Since i started playing it, i just got sucked in. Got a lot of games on it,

finished Odyssey, Tiny Metal, Owlboy, playing a bunch of rounds of Mario Kart 8 and Splatoon 2.

Because of the nature of my work, where i travel and stay in locations away from home a lot, the Switch and 3DS have been getting a lot of playtime. When i'm at home, noawadays it's near 50/50 between my Playstation 4 and Switch for playtime depending on the game i wanna jump into.

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I love my Switch for being able to play Mario Kart 8 Deluxe portable. However, the system is severely lacking in exclusives that are appealing to me. So far there's only Super Mario Odyssey. While Mario Kart 8 DX is really fun, it's a Wii U game. The system really needs to step it up.


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It took me 4 months to get my hands on a Switch after it was released and it’s become my go to system surpassing my Xbox One since then I use it 99% of the time in handheld mode and being able to play Mario Odyssey,Botw,Mario Kart and Stardew Valley in handheld is awesome especially as my health has gone downhill.Over the years I’ve had many handheld systems and a lot of times I lose interest and that hasn’t been the case with the Switch.



@JorrieQPO You might just be getting old, m8. As I get older I've noticed a decrease in the amount of times I want to play games.

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I threw mine away, biggest waste of money ever.

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