Topic: (Rumour) Mass Effect Trilogy possibly coming in 2020?

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Funny enough after the debacle on the Wii U (with EA releasing ME3 alone on the Switch for the same price as the trilogy which came at the same time on PS3 and X360) it seems there are rumors about a trilogy coming sometime in 2020.

The reason I feel this rumour holds water and that it might come to the Switch is the retweet from the user @muguwus on twitter, who has made basically perfect predictions so far regarding the directs and their dates. This guy was even featured in an article on this very site. Also, it really isn't farfetched to predict that EA is going to do a cheap port of one of their most successful RPGs, especially after the BioWare flops that are Anthem and ME: Andromeda.

Anyone would like to see these games revitalized on the Switch?

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If the ME trilogy came to Switch, with all DLC, you’d never see me on the forums again. I’d be too busy. That and the Fallout franchise were my go to games on Xbox 360/1


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Where's this rumour coming from exactly?

I'd buy it instantly. The Mass Effect trilogy was the best thing that happened in the 7th gen.

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A current gen remaster of these games has been rumored to be coming for 5 years now. Has popped up on retailer sites and been "leaked" numerous times over the years. I honestly don't think it's coming as much as I would like it to. Add to the fact that EA has really only done 1 remaster this entire generation and it seems unlikely.

@Dezzy I saw "insider" Marcus Sellars tweet it out a month or so ago that may be where it originated but that dude is wrong much more than he's right.



I have a bad feeling about this...

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Fabulous trilogy. Would snap them up day1



Last generation I only had Wii and DS. I have heard very good things about these games and they are backwards compatible on Xbox One but I am hoping that the trilogy is remade for the current consoles. I think that it makes sense commercially and it's also a way to improve the franchise's current reputation, so I don't know what they are waiting for.



Sounds crazy. These games ARE huge. Then again, nothing would stop me from getting my hands on such collection.






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