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3ds games popping out? 2 692 Artwark Sat 12th April, 2014 by Veloster
Ok so my gamepad won't turn on [update: this story is happy end] 18 880 Morpheel Fri 11th April, 2014 by Morpheel
How do I change my WPA wifi to WEP so can use internet on my DS game? 13 2,667 sarahh Thu 10th April, 2014 by DanMan82
Eshop Error codes 3 2,202 iEndzone Thu 10th April, 2014 by albertanderson1
Site Error 4 474 Nintonic Thu 10th April, 2014 by Tasuki
How to switch between gamepad and pro in-game? 5 741 schizor Tue 8th April, 2014 by Dreamz
A few Wii U external hard drive questions. 2 517 mengothao Sun 6th April, 2014 by Dave24
Sound filtering? Headphone Problems 2 501 Bronze Wed 2nd April, 2014 by Bronze
How many emotions/smilies are there? 1 537 MegaBeedrill Sat 29th March, 2014 by Prof_Clayton
How To Activate the password system in Golden Sun 1 630 Pianomanfreak Mon 24th March, 2014 by LztheQuack
I found a glitch on the site

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24 1,728 HappyHappyist Wed 19th March, 2014 by Cyb3Rnite
Wii U Gamepad Too Far Away at 3 Feet? 0 700 FlaygletheBagel Sun 16th March, 2014 by FlaygletheBagel
Help with club nintendo 5 753 Powkitty4 Thu 13th March, 2014 by Powkitty4
Club Nintendo Survey for game you did not play 6 704 Super_Gravy Mon 10th March, 2014 by Super_Gravy
Nintendo Network ID question 3 731 Synergizer_Syd Sat 8th March, 2014 by sinalefa
Games 8 764 Pichubby Fri 7th March, 2014 by LztheQuack
How to post youtube vids on the board. 5 700 MegaBeedrill Wed 5th March, 2014 by LztheQuack
Wii U not connecting to Nintendo Network 3 932 MarkS27 Mon 3rd March, 2014 by R_Champ
DSi Error Code 0000FEFE 3 2,298 Richjay77 Sun 2nd March, 2014 by unrandomsam
What is that string in the 3DS circle pad. 10 796 Artwark Fri 28th February, 2014 by Morpheel
How do you make the text link for a certain page say something else? 5 1,156 Electricmastro Mon 24th February, 2014 by Veloster
Shared balances? 3 639 Kzootie Sun 23rd February, 2014 by Kzootie
Nintendo eShop Card Help 15 4,988 J-Murdock Sat 22nd February, 2014 by zaine
3DS circle pad grey rubber got removed 3 1,010 Artwark Fri 21st February, 2014 by Artwark
SNES Video Problems with New Samsung 4 874 Shawile Fri 14th February, 2014 by Nintomdo64