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being paranoid about the XL..... 7 206 Artwark Sun 21st December, 2014 by OracleOfTruth
Nintendo Life Comment Restriction? 13 380 Kirby_Fan_DL3 Thu 18th December, 2014 by theblackdragon
Is There Any Way To Fix The Screen On An Old "Tube" TV That Has Burned Images On The Screen? 8 291 Neko_Rukiafan Mon 15th December, 2014 by Noonch
N64 game stuck in console! 5 199 Lbosscher Sun 14th December, 2014 by the_shpydar
Does anybody know this gameboy cartridge 3 222 PartyBit Sat 13th December, 2014 by Squashy
Can`t Customise button layout on Wii Remote 0 132 Eriksendrul Thu 11th December, 2014 by Eriksendrul
Ouch.. something's breaking! 7 193 MegaBeedrill Sat 6th December, 2014 by the_shpydar
Need Suggestions on Hook Up 1 163 Nadinesky Wed 3rd December, 2014 by antdickens
Wii U suddenly taking too long to boot 0 134 Beta Mon 1st December, 2014 by Beta
Mario Kart 8 Stuck on title screen 9 501 amyjohnson595 Sun 30th November, 2014 by amyjohnson595
mario kart 8 online problem :( 0 123 gp993 Fri 28th November, 2014 by gp993
SSB4 download code not pre-downloading? (UK) 13 227 Beta Thu 27th November, 2014 by Jenraux
Wii U external hard drive help needed! 2 245 gamr4life Tue 25th November, 2014 by jariw
YouTube Reply Error 1 89 Veloster Tue 25th November, 2014 by Neko_Rukiafan
Powersaves 3DS Loading Issue. Can't Find Help Anywhere! 1 399 andraste89 Mon 24th November, 2014 by andraste89
Smash for 3DS keeps getting corrupted. (Possible fix found) 13 796 FilmerNgameR Mon 24th November, 2014 by FilmerNgameR
3Ds Transfer of SD card not working!? My save Data's Gone!!! 4 499 Kyouska Sat 22nd November, 2014 by Ash_Anne
I have registered my Club Nintendo games for 5000 points, but when I go to redeem my stars, it says I only have 1000 stars? 3 152 PoyoKoops Sat 22nd November, 2014 by TingLz
Issue with WiiU gamepad analog stick (feels squeaky, little bit rough) 1 169 Cakeface Thu 20th November, 2014 by Dave24
3ds require update 7 146 Nebbi Thu 20th November, 2014 by Nebbi
Nintendo 3DS XL screen problem 0 189 LuciusHellmonde Sun 16th November, 2014 by LuciusHellmonde
Questions on picking up a pre order 2 114 Grelephant Sat 15th November, 2014 by Grelephant
The World Ends with You 16 378 Michael_JF Mon 10th November, 2014 by moomoo
Lines on SNES TV Screen 4 273 jakebot99 Sun 9th November, 2014 by the_shpydar
New 3ds won't turn on 6 502 aomayo77 Sun 9th November, 2014 by Peach64