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I want to use my pro-controler wih Legend of Kay but can't figure out how! HELP!! 10 502 Sega_Nintendo_DS Sun 16th August, 2015 by Fink-Nottle
Getting myself a UPS for my Wii U 6 336 Artwark Mon 10th August, 2015 by iphys
ISP recommendations (UK) 9 254 Ogbert Sat 8th August, 2015 by RedDevilAde
GC Controller broken 0 357 joshGO Sat 8th August, 2015 by joshGO
Wii U Gamepad left analog stick problem 13 10,911 soccer_football Sat 8th August, 2015 by Tasuki
I need to find the stage select in Wonder Boy (Sega Master System). 0 228 Electricmastro Sat 8th August, 2015 by Electricmastro
Pokemon Global Link 0 267 theskipster00 Wed 5th August, 2015 by theskipster00
Um...I can't go back to previous pages using the back tab on my browser. 1 218 Epona14 Tue 4th August, 2015 by Sega_Nintendo_DS
All save data gone, system transfer. HELP! 6 330 YvoCaro Sun 2nd August, 2015 by bezerker99
3DS game save transfer 1 186 RudysaurusRex Sat 1st August, 2015 by Ash_Anne
Wii U with no power or red light 2 268 OneBagTravel Fri 31st July, 2015 by OneBagTravel
website with Microsoft's Edge browser... 4 372 arrmixer Fri 31st July, 2015 by arrmixer
Question about system transfering a GBA/NES Ambassador 3DS 1 183 syrupdash Thu 30th July, 2015 by Morpheel
Captain toad treasure tracker PROBLEM 3 262 Yuuga Wed 29th July, 2015 by Captain_Toad
Recognize this Star Fox hat? 0 301 marthsdad Tue 28th July, 2015 by marthsdad
I need help w/ training my Luxray! 1 194 Optimisty Mon 27th July, 2015 by Morpheel
Wii U Pro Controller is dead 6 358 DefHalan Mon 27th July, 2015 by SuperWiiU
"The Internet Browser cannot be used at this time" 3 1,884 OdnetninAges Sun 26th July, 2015 by OdnetninAges
Smartphone Help 1 199 Tasuki Thu 23rd July, 2015 by Artwark
US Eshop Code Trade/Solution 6 286 Blaithnaid Thu 23rd July, 2015 by Morpheel
Found original 80's Nintendo VS-PAK 0 237 Kawnerb Thu 23rd July, 2015 by Kawnerb
New 3DS XL Circle Pad durable? 3 264 Artwark Tue 21st July, 2015 by TylerTheCreator
Just got a Donkey Kong II Game & Watch with a very dim upper screen. Update: Got it fixed! 6 407 mystman12 Tue 21st July, 2015 by mystman12
Wii u Wont play wii game 5 240 gabrielgamer99 Mon 20th July, 2015 by gabrielgamer99
recording laptop help 1 137 phillipPbor Mon 20th July, 2015 by Morpheel