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I just want to know a few things about the Wii U before I get it so if you can answer these questions i have in mind, it would be great

1.What are the benefits of the Wii U? does the tv off switch even work if the wii u is turned off. Does your saving get corrupted if the Wii U is turned off all of a sudden? Do the games still tell do not turn of the power?

2.Does the Wii U require you to play with the gamepad only? Does the wii u come with charging cradle?

3.How does it feel playing with the gamepad? does it take a lot of time getting used to it?

4.Does the Wii U play wii games region free? Like can the NTSC wii u play PAL wii games?

5.What's the difference between digital and physical copy? how do digital copies affect the sales of the system?

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1. If you use your game pad as a TV remote the Wii U does not have to be on simply just press the TV button on the gamepad. Every system has a chance of corrupting your saves if you just abruptly turn the power off if say its in the middle of a loading screen of a game.

2. It depends on the game really. Some games like Nintendo Land or Lego City Undercover you have to use the Gamepad others like Injustice Gods Among use you can use other controllers like the Pro Controller. Some games you can use a Wiimote and Nunchuk or the CCP.

3. I got use to it really quick. The gamepad feels very comfortable its not at all that heavy. If you have used a tablet then you will have no problem with the gamepad.

4. No the Wii U is region locked so you if you want to play PAL games you will need a PAL Wii U

5. There really is no difference between digital copies and physical except that digital is tied to your Wii U. You will not be able to take a game and play it on another Wii U for example like you could do with a physical copy.

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