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Every other time I get on this site, and this site is the only thing my computer is on, my virus protection blocks a threat. Just saying.



While I was on this site,I had a virus intrusion. I managed to take care of it though. Is it me,or when the advertisements pop up more,Nintendo Life acts up?



This is really starting to annoy me. I can get on the site fine some days, and then some days (like today; it's kicked me off every time I get on) I can't stay on at all. I can only hope for it to get better.

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Same here Phoenix. Just hope that the folks that run the site care



I'd blame your ISP, but without access to the server logs I couldn't really say...I only know I have occasional problems at home with the site loading, but none at work which seems to support that theory.

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I have NEVER had any problems using this site on my PC



Machu wrote:

Haven't tried this new fangled OS X,

^ That explains everything.

I used to be a die-hard Mac hater. They were garbage. They didn't do what you wanted. They locked up. They were incompatible. The list of problems just kept going.

But then Steve Jobs came back and brought NeXTStep with him. NeXT was a Unix with an excellent user interface. (Bet you didn't know such things existed! ) NeXT got a face lift for the 21st century and became Mac OS X. The rest, as they say, is history.

In result, Mac OS X is not a Mac of old. It's a Unix. Quite possibly the best Unix ever created.



" I like to fiddle and tweak and stuff (with stuff other than the UI), which is why I could never own an apple."

"Haven't tried this new fangled OS X, but I'm still sure it doesn't give as much access to the computers innards as XP. That's my deluded pre-conception and I'm sticking with it."

Well, you admit that it's a preconception, but I'd like to chime in and agree with Sean, your beliefs here are absolute nonsense -- OS X, being built on Unix (officially a form of Unix since v 10.5!), offers far, far more control over the 'innards' of the system than anything to come off the Microsoft line, period. You are one of the many who confuse a streamlined, well thought-out UI with being limited in some way. You get the best of both worlds on a Mac -- the best user interface on the market combined with a real Unix backbone that you can use as you see fit. In no time you can set up any number of webservers, shell into all your other Unix boxes, and have pretty good access to all the open-source software out there that you'll find in the Linux world, especially if you use a package manager like MacPorts or Fink.

I do software development, web and database applications, and all of these run on Unix / Solaris boxes located far away from me in the server room at the university. The only thing I'd ever want at my desk is a Mac; better interface means improved productivity, and the Unix core of the OS means interfacing more easily with my servers as well as being able to run various test / prototype setups on my localhost with ease.

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The site has started to randomly load to advertisements for me recently. And I don't think its something on my end, since this is the only site that does that...


That's great I'm happy for you all. But I know PC's and have done since i was a teen and don't want to go anywhere near an Apple, what reason have I to do so. I don't work in design (but when i did I used a PC), haven't got a clue about UNIX, I just stick with my modded windows thanks, streamlined to f%&k!

Got dragged in an Apple shop the other week and it smelled like geek, it was scary. And guess what, I've never owned an Ipod, and I'm sick of the fact that people keep buying them, just cos. My rant was not aimed at YOUR mac, don't take it personally. I just HATE Apple big time.

I will always be a PC!!

EDIT: we need a mac vs pc thread so we aren't hammering this one

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I don't bother buying ipods, because a new one comes out every few months or so, haven't tried a Mac though.

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I love my red Nano 3G. Great design, nice sound and fits in my pocket. I've got a nice stereo mic for it so I can do live recording of family events (a hobby of sorts and less intrusive than video) in 16-bit wav audio -- brilliant.

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We've passed on your problems to our advertising partner, it only seems to be happening to people in the US so we think its related.

If any of you have screenshots of the problems please mail them in to advertisin&#...


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Thanks! I'm starting to get another one now where it takes me to a website for a chinese sex museum or something like that. Yes, seriously. LOL Then it won't let me go back to this site. Froze my IE once. Stupid ads...

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What browser are you using? I`m in Canada and I`ve had times where the page will take a long time to load but it`s never loaded to an ad.

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