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Ok, the other day when I was having a drink, I was being all careless and drinking some water while playing on my 3DS. And I spilled some water in the speakers. And now it sounds weird. Is it gonna stay permanetly or just temporary? Do I have to send it to Nintendo?

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Should've put it in rice. That usually helps.


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Probably should send it over to Nintendo if the warranty still stands.


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Send it to Nintendo in about 1 week if it doesn't wear off.

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Also, it'd be best to not mention the whole water problem to them.

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Try rice, and if it doesn't work, send it in.


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Get a PSVita, problem solve

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Smash it.

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It could be either or permanently damaged or temporarily damaged. You should have immediately attempted to dry it out with a product such as rice, and then called Nintendo to check with them to see if your Nintendo 3DS is still under warranty.



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