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Well, as the title specifies, I'm a kind of person that is just... not going to wait for everything to come up. Nintendo hasn't mentioned about a future patch, and I recently got my Wii U on January 4th. I registered on the page for the purpose of asking you to those who have gotten the console if it's recommendable think to update it now, or to wait later for an unexistant patch at the moment.

I wish I had this downloaded, so I wouldn't fall into the pressure later if they will take the update out from the console.

I'm not getting risky, since there's a bunch of players complaining about the normal freezings that their consoles suffer. I know it's the risk for an 'early adopter', but the economy in my country is totally... gone to almost bankrupcy, and I wanted to assure myself I'd be getting this before it was more impossible.

Any quick answer will be pleased a lot. Thanks for reading the whole story, I know it's annoying.

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it only freezes if you turn off the console during the actual update process. downloads are safe and as long as you keep it plugged in you should be fine.

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