Topic: Broke Quotes Fixed, Next Major Issue for the Site: Weird Adam 12

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If Adam ever gets quoted properly, I think I'll have a mental breakdown and leave the site.

are too cool dde

weirdadam wrote:

Testing again.



There we go. The world is back to normal.

one more test?

AHA, I found it! To make little text now, use the [ sub] tag.

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Adam wrote:

weirdadam wrote:


I see. So the system refers to me as Adam12 internally. Posts as Adam. But if I edit or quote that post, it reverts to the name "Adam", and Adam1 must be "weirdadam", so the system thinks the display name is the internal name.

I'm still very curious as to why it does this renaming in the first place. Why pick apart screen names and identify real life names, then reidentify and reorganize them? What use does that serve? I know it's not going by my "Real Name" because I put my "Real Name" on my profile as Chicken Brutus.

i have no idea why it does what it does, i just know it does :3 I can go through the whole list of adams in the system (all of those are in numerical order before you, though '__Adam' repeats like three times and idk why lol), and most of them have completely different usernames. i find it interesting :3

future of NL >:3
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Huh, most of those don't even have "adam" in their screen names. Maybe it goes by whatever your first name was when you joined the site? Are you des1? I also remember someone (think his name was Fuzzy) getting quoted (hilariously) as "Fuzzy+Nuts", so I don't know. Weirdness -- literally in my case.

Pix, I am quoted normally now (see TBD's post above), but only if that quote is not then double quoted and the post is never edited (though you could edit it but manually change the name to adam12 to display correctly). I almost had a mental breakdown, too, but as you can tell, I have since recovered to my normal weird non-self.

But hey, it's an improvement!

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