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OK so I updated my 3DS. No problems there. I noticed system transfer was activated and it told me to download the tool to my DSi. I did just that. So I went on my DSi, went to the DSi Shop and downloaded the 3DS System Transfer tool, but one problem, the tool is nowhere to be found! It's not listed on my DSi menu or data management, HOWEVER the DSi Shop still says i've "downloaded" the tool... I'm positive that it's not on my menu or anywhere... Anyone else have the same problem or can help? DX

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yeah many poeple have this problem. nintendo knows about it and is working on it i guess

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Silly question - is the download tool supposed to be in the DSi shop, or does it get transferred over from your 3DS?



It is in the DSi shop. When searching all titles, it was on the 2nd page for me.

As for it not appearing on the system, it appears to only be a problem in Australia from other posts, but this may prove wrong. If it is a problem only in Australia, I bet they forgot to set the parental control level on the app for the AU market.

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