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I will be getting both systems around launch.. I wanted to ask a third party ( not a playstation or xbox community ) what they thought was more appealing.

I don't really know if there will be a noticeable difference in the systems performances, some sony fans tend to think their system will perform better with more appealing visuals,,even on cross platform games, if anyone wants to comment on this I would appreciate it.

Also since I'm not loyal to one or the other, and this isn't a " which one should i buy thread " The only real question in my mind is what system will I be buying the multiplatform games for.. This will come down to 4 things for me in this order, Online Gameplay, Graphics, Games, and Gimmicks.

Also keep in mind I don't dislike microsofts policies, I don't like them either, I could care less. So I would appreciate the answers to be more based around hardware / software / Gameplay / technology, etc. Rather then policies.

Thanks in advance

I would love to hear what system I should buy all my multiplatform games for and why you think your idea makes sense.

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Setting aside all the techie stuff, they're really the same thing, speaking strictly games. It comes down to what exclusives you're looking for.

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We have a thread for stuff like this right here. Just ask on that thread, as this one will be locked soon. Anyway the answer is going to be PS4, there are a ton of PS fans on this forum.

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Wii U.

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The PS4, I'm not a Sony fan, but it does almost everything the Xbox One doesn't.

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There's not enough info to go by for these two systems since they're not out yet. But for right now. I'd pick the ps4. It has a bunch of games coming out and a cheaper online subscription.

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I can't help but think the xbox one kinect will have facial recognition / voice recognition that will be Incorporated into many multiplatform games that won't be mandatory, Is this true? and I was assuming this was the place for this thread since it is off topic, why would I want to post in a thread instead of start my own?

Also if you are a fanboy for one of the other i don't see why they would bother posting as i'm trying to get a third party opinion.

What does the ps4 do that the xbox one doesn't if I may ask?

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PS4 $100 cheaper, no mandatory cam spying on you...

Xbox One, have some better exclusives but that depends on your tastes

you decide, I personally would go for PS4

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I'm not really too impressed with either one, but Xbox One will be the biggest flop of the eighth generation of gaming, so I'd go with PS4.

... ... or more preferably Wii U.

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Can I ask why you think the xbox one is going to flop?

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My brother will get the xbox one, so that gets my vote for now.

You can always get the other console later.

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The facial recognition and the audio recognition + the fact they put the kinect 2 in the box ( which i like that they did ) keeps me sort of leaning to the xbox one.. why would i buy multiplatform games for a system with less features and if i could confirm that the xbox one will use kinect 2 with multiplatform games in a non mandatory way, I may already have my answer.. ( as long as graphics won't be that much noticeably different between the two and i don't think they will be )

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I'd go for PS4, technically speaking, the systems are very similar, but PS4 is $100 cheaper, has a less expensive online service, and you get a free game per month with that service (something that MS isn't doing for the One, as far as we know).

While MS could do some cool things with Kinect 2 in theory (in terms of gaming), it's not guaranteed that they will, at least not early on.

I'd say the numbers don't lie, and 3 advantages for PS4 (cheaper system price, cheaper online fee, free games) outweigh the 1 advantage for One (potential meaningful Kinect 2 use).

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and i have been searching all over the internet, i don't think the kinect 2 would be used as something great... at least not anytime soon.. but i don't even know about anytime later, because i'm pretty sure it would cost developers a lot of money to make the kinect function in a cool way with facial recognition and voice recognition, so its really still going to be like kinect 1 in features i would think.

Can people tell me how much of a difference in graphics we could expect to see if any with the multiplatform games between the Ps4 and Xbox One? Maybe better shading on one? Or better lighting? I don't really know how this works so dumb it down for me.

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You_Silly_Human wrote:

Can I ask why you think the xbox one is going to flop?

Have you seen all the XB1's ridiculous policies? Always online? No pre-owned games? No DRM? Really?

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They got rid of all of those policies.

I would have to say go with the PS4 (this is coming from a current xbox guy). Right now for the money the PS4 is the better bet.

Playstation 4= $400
Playstion Plus= $50

Means your paying $450 for a a system and Drive Club/PS+
Xbox One= $500
XBox Live= $60
Your paying $550 for just the system and no game. (Killer Instinct will be free) I guess it comes down to studios. Sony has more proven studios , but most of microsofts are new guys who could really innovate. In this case I'd go with SOny's as its a safer get than the new kids on the block.

I guess look at the launch line ups and watch E3 again. I enjoy the way sony talks t and interacts with their consumer base much more than microsoft.does.


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I don't like Sony at all but I have to admit that PS4 looks a lot better than Microsoft

Microsoft screwed up completely in my opinion. They have no respect at all for their fans.

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This gen, Microsoft will only be good for "One" thing

KAMEO 2! If it were ever gonna happen, which it won't. I personally prefer PS4 and would get it if only it weren't so expensive here...

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