Topic: What Was Your Experience The Day You Got a 3DS?

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Being amazed by the 3D effect, taking a bunch of photos, playing AR Games and Face Raiders for about an hour each, and also playing Pokemon White for about two hours... And also getting my Victini.

That copy of White got stolen, along with my Victini.

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I spent all my money to buy it, so I messed around on the preinslalled games for about a month before having enough to get Pilotwings Resort...
I remembering waiting for the mail to run each day, I was so exited!



I bought it on launch day at Zellers along with Ridge Racer 3D and Asphalt 3D (in hindsight, not the best choice). I was impressed with the 3D effect but it gave me MASSIVE eyestrain. My eyes eventually got used to it but the first few hours were brutal.
I didn't play the 3DS much until Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 came out in November and December 2011, respectively. The system had a poor launch (I was disappointed about the eShop not being ready until June 2011) but 2012 and 2013 saw a ton of great releases.


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I bought it at launch and got it around April. I bought Pokémon Black, Ridge Racer 3D and Super Street Fighter IV. I remember being amazed when you do the 3D calibration and seeing that it indeed was a 3D screen.

I will comment in this thread, never being able to find it again.


Was the first Nintendo Handheld that I bought myself, so yeah, it already felt special before I even switched it on!

The 3D made my jaw drop when I first saw experienced it, and then it hit the ground when 3D Land & Uprising arrived.
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For me, the first year, while not as good as the years following, was actually pretty good game wise.

Yeah, Pilotwings Resort & Ridge Racer 3D got old pretty quick (IMO), but SSFIV3D & Samurai Warriors: Chronicles were insanely fun, and were more than enough to hold me over until May, when DOAD came out (which I still think is better than SSFIV3D). Then not too long after, I got OoT3D, and any slow points were supplemented by VC games I'd never played before (like Link's Awakening DX, Gargoyle's Quest, & Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge). Then fall hit & I got SM3DL, MK7, & Ace Combat: AHL, which kept me busy into the next year.

Sure, I probably lucked out as I had never played OoT, SSFIV, or AC2 (which AHL is a remake of) in any form before, so it was all new to me, but yeah, I was actually satisfied with the first year's games.


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so many people have/had RIIIIIIDGE RACER!

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Looks like I took 1,624 steps
Spent 56 minutes on AR games
Spent 27 minutes in System Settings
Spent 27 minutes waching White Knuckles
Spent 21 minutes in Streetpass Mii Plaza
Spent 15 minutes in Face Raiders
Spent 12 minutes in Mii Maker
Spent 10 minutes in Nintendo 3DS Camera
Spent 7 minutes in Activity Log
Spent 5 minutes in Nintendo 3DS sound
Spent 5 minutes in Notifications
Spent 3 minutes in Download Play
Spent 3 minutes in Game Notes
Spent 2 minutes in Health and Safety Information
Spent 1 minute in Friends List
And spent 1 minute in Animal Crossing: Wild World (Yes, that means at one point when I ordered my titles in "Order of first played" Animal Crossing: Wild World was at the bottom and Animal Crossing: New Leaf was at the top)

Also the first full 3DS game I got for it was Super Mario 3D Land like 9 months later which was the first time I saw what an actual 3DS card looked like. I got some assorted Downloadable stuff before that though.



My experience = it was the first time I ever woke up drunk. My friends and I were driving to Gamestop to pick up our 3DSes I remember being in the car wanting to puke and my friend freaked out and she's all like "no get a bag, don't throw up in my car" so I drove all the way over there with a bag on my face. When I got the I picked up my 3DS opened it up in the car and then I set it up with my name and stuff and made my Mii. We then went to a donut place and I went to the restroom to try and puke and there was a huge hole between the men and women's bathroom. Anyways because of that I couldn't puke so I had a burrito instead. Then I went home and played street fighter 4 on my 3DS.

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After church, I went with my dad to pick it up, day one. I bought Pilotwings Resort and Steel Diver (buy one get one %50 off). When I got in the car, I flipped the thing open and saw the 3d for the first time during set-up. It was fairly neat. I played Pilotwings for a while, but then went walking with my mom just to prove I wasn't going to go crazy with it, although I did walk with it. I then discovered Play Coins and played Find Mii. I think I went to my grandparents after that, but I'm not too sure.

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