Topic: What Was Your Experience The Day You Got a 3DS?

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Apparently, I messed around with AR for half an hour, played Animal Crossing: Wild World for 52 minutes, and played Rayman 3D, Combat of Giants: Dinosaurs and Nintendogs + Cats for an hour and 9 minutes, 2 hours and 5 minutes, and 4 hours and 19 minutes respectively.

Rayman, Combat of Giants and Nintendogs were the only 3DS games I had until OoT3D...

I played Nintendogs a lot. The nostalgia for my old Nintendogs kept me interested in it. I haven't picked it up in months. I also played Animal Crossing: Wild World quite a bit. Played Pokémon White for 40 hours on the 3DS, apparently.

Also, not about my launch experience but I've spent 27 hours and 40 minutes worth on the eShop overall! It's really wierd to have spent that much time on It but I'm sure others have spent even more time on it.

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I got it launch day (pre-ordered at GameStop). I picked it up during the afternoon, along with Pilotwings Resort.

I remember being in awe when I first started it up & was doing the initial set up. the 3D was like some sort of magic, truely a window into the game world. I played Pilotwings Resort for about & hour before I had to go to work.

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The store I pre-ordered my 3DS from called me up 2 days before launch telling me I could come pick it up. I said, "You mean, Sunday, right?" They said, "No, we're closed Sunday, so come tomorrow." I didn't question him, and I showed up and pretended to be oblivious it was the day before launch. I was super nervous they weren't going to give it to me at the store for some reason, but unbelievably they did. I kept looking over my shoulder the whole way home expecting hounds to come chasing after me or something. When I got home I finally relaxed and enjoyed the adrenaline high. I remember being amazed watching the first 3D demo when you start up the 3DS (and relieved that I could easily see it), and then I played with the AR cards and AR games for a bit since I wasn't actually interested in any of the launch titles. Then I posted a picture of me and AR Mario on Facebook to brag, lol.

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I think I got mine in February 2012? Maybe? I don't even remember. Early 2012.
Anyway, I went to walmart, I had some woman run over my foot with her cart and then her bratty little kids followed behind her like sheep. The cashier was clueless. I remember that.
I got the flame red 3DS with Ocarina of Time 3D and an Ocarina of Time hard shell case.

I got home. Unboxed it on the kitchen table and then played with the settings and the AR cards for an hour before starting my twentieth playthrough of Ocarina of Time.



I got it for my birthday in 2011 (my gosh was that a long time ago) and this was right as I was about to enter my final year of high school. My first thoughts were "I never asked for this, this is going to make me fail" but thankfully there weren't that many games which I was into so it didn't eat that much of my school time. Then everything awesome got released in 2013, I started earning my own money and buying my own games too so it really did a number on my first year of uni :/

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Not that good. Bought it on release with Pilotwings Resort. The game was pretty bad. Not to mention that I payed way to much for the system and ended up in the ambassador program.

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It was awesome! I got it on launch day along with Pilot Wings Resort. The game was great, it had plenty to do and showcased the 3D really well. I also messed around with Face Raders and AR Games and stuff, but mostly played Pilot Wings. Plus, I even ended up in the ambassador program! It was definitely worth the launch price!

Edit: I forgot to mention that I had to trade in Animal Crossing: Wild World and My Sims to get enough money for Pilot Wings. I never really liked those games anyways though. (I love Animal Crossing, but I never liked Wild World)

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i packed my wii and all the games to sell it at gamestop. first i went to a different store to sell the wii and get the 3DS but it was cheaper at gamestop. the first game i tried out was some lego stuff. totally lame but then i tried ridge racer and the 3D was awesome. i had headaches leaving the store to get to gamestop but i still got it then. sadly i had to get nintendogs cause ridge racer was sold out at gamestop and there wasnt anything else i wanted.
at home i played all day trying out all the things

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I looked at the shop's shelf and saw "DualPenSports" there and thought "so awesome the 3DS has multitouch!!!! but no way I'll get a generic bad looking sports game for that price" and got disappointed when I discovered it didn't have multitouch. and then forgot all about that and sunk into the world of Ocarina of Time, in 3D.

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Got my 3DS XL for Christmas 2012, and as soon as I had this 3D gaming machine for myself, I wouldn't shut up about it!
I was like "Look everyone, it's comimg out the screen! :3".

Honestly, it did wear off a bit, but it's definitely still cool, and ome of my favourite consoles of all time.

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Christmas 2012. I got a Flame Red 3DS (Super Mario 3D Land included, so it's the slightly different variation of the Flame Red 3DS) I also got three games: The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, New Super Mario Bros. 2, and Paper Mario: Sticker Star. I have a very giving sister, so I got her a PS3 for her birthday. Then she got me a Wii U this past Christmas! And we're not wealthy in the slightest.

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I had mine pre-ordered, so I got mine the day it came out, though I didn't get any games with it. My experience that day? Having my girlfriend yell at me for wanting to play around with it instead of watch Netflix with her all day. Dumped her pretty quick. XD


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I messed around with the AR and Mii stuff for a few hours. Than played some DS games and went into the eshop getting link's awakening and playing that and some eshop stuff until 3D land came out.


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ravens326 wrote:

Tell us what happened when you got your Nintendo 3DS. When did you get it and what games did you get?

DS ones, because there was nothing for nearly a year to play on it... And learning there is region lock the hard way.

The first year was a disaster, and yet people say there are no games for WiiU, even though 3DS was much worse.



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