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In much of the 2000s and into early 2010s there were many 007 games including a Goldeneye remake. What happened to the franchise since then? Do you think we will ever get another 007 game in the future including one for Switch or are gaming publishers no longer interested in getting the rights to make more Bond games?



The profits didn’t outweigh the costs. That’s what happened. Bloodstone is about the only one I enjoyed since Goldeneye


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I would imagine most of the 007 games were pretty profitable. Otherwise they would have stopped making them a lot sooner than they did. I guess the fatigue with so many 007 games was also a factor.



From what I heard the last few titles were horribly mismanaged and didn't impress too many people.

So why waste money making games people won't buy.

Yeah I don’t know either.

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AFAIK 007 Legends happened. Since this is a Nintendo forum, we're probably the only people who even remember that game, but yes that Wii U launch game disaster you all just remembered existed is probably why.

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They degraded from high quality genre leaders to shovelware that relied on brand recognition.

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Way too many FPS at the time and really the series was doing nothing to compete with the other franchises.

Would be kind of ideal to make a new one, since its been nearly 10 years since the last and everyone digs nostalgia, though would whoever's making it take the risk?



Question: What happened to the 007 games?
Answer: EA and Activision, that's what happened...

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To be honest the only 007 game that did well was Goldeneye and really the only reason it did that well was because it brought multiplayer FPS to home consoles something that was only available on PCs. People's nostalgia for that game comes from the multiplayer aspect of it playing it with some friends. By the time the other Bond games came out you had stuff like Halo and military FPS games like Medal of Honor that where more advanced then the Bond games were.

I went back to GoldenEye N64 a few months ago and other then playing the MP with some friends the game itself hasn't aged well.

Even the GoldenEye remake that came out several years ago didn't do to well. As a result developers.arent going to make a game that probably won't sell well.

I also have heard the the Bond licensing is also having problems which is why new movies haven't been made. I don't know the whole story but it may also extends to video games.

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@Tasuki Actually the reason there's not been a new movie in a few years is because they begged Daniel Craig to stay on, he kept refusing. They said they'd pay him somewhere between 20 and 100 Million Euros ( the exact amount is subject to rumour) and he agreed, so now they're making another Bond film.

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