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Topic: What Game's Looks Made You Speechless?

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By the way I'm not saying I could do any better in this particular field, but I do expect alot more from what people can come up with and look forward to very imopressive stuff in the future:)

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I can remember thinking Frogs & Flies on Atari 2600 was mind-blowing graphically. And being blown away by my best friend's Colecovision and how close to the arcade games the game releases were.

I'm a graphics whore and I've always been one. Maybe that comes from starting out near the beginning of gaming and seeing how far things have come. I'm such a sucker for eye candy. :P

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yall can laugh at me for this but some games have been Mario Galaxy (still play it to this day KingdomHearts when i first played the game it was awesome o.o! and then my new favorite thanks to Big John Games Thorium Wars it looks just soo epic i can't wait to get my HANDS on it.

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Karate Phants

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Speechless as in bad, Hexen on the Saturn did it even have a framerate.

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I had plenty of SNES & N64 games, but graphics did not mean a thing to me then. I'd say the first console to really impress me with graphics was the Dreamcast.

Quake III & UT: I was impressed at how they ported the top PC FPS games at the time over to a console without sacrificing features.
Sonic Adventure: It amazed me how such a fast-moving game could look so good.
Shenmue: I didn't play it until a few years ago, but I was impressed with how much detail that game had.
Jet Grind Radio: The first game to do cel-shading flawlessly?

The next console game to really impress me was StarFox Adventures on the Cube. Next up was Wind Waker. After WW, I have become hard to impress. (I now also gain greater interest in games if they are cel-shaded.)

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Jet Grind Radio, Sonic Adventure, and SoulCalibur (DC version). All of these had the most stunning visuals of any game at the time.

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I don't think I've replied in this thread. Oh well, if I can, these bear repeating anyway: The Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker and Muramasa: The Demon Blade. Two games to leave me speechless with how beautiful they are sometimes.

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i agree with PhoenixSage that Wind Waker's visuals are stunning

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