Topic: What Game's Looks Made You Speechless?

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I'd have to agree with those saying WindWaker. That game looks amazing and has a fantastic art direction throughout.I think that those graphics will never age either like most 3D games tend to do.Like a living breathing cartoon .WOW .
As for 2D games The first Sonic game on the megadrive blew me away as a child.I'd never seen a game move so fast.
For a recent game I'll go with GTA:CW on DS. Beautiful engine and really shown what the DS was capable of with some clever design choices.When I first played it I couldn't believe I was playing a full 3D GTA on a DS!!!! (shame the soundtrack let it down a bit )

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All the Mario and Luigi games. I never thought sprites could be a work of art
and Wario Land: Shake It! That anime style is brilliant

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Crash and Spyro (PS1)- The graphics didn't make me speechless exactly, but these were some fine-looking games at the time.

Okami (PS2)- The art style was absolutely breathtaking back when I first got it, and they still are, which is really saying something.

Call of Duty 2 (360)- Back when the 360 just came out, and I saw this game running at the local Wal-Mart, my jaw dropped instantly. Never before had I seen a game that was so detailed and ran so smoothly. I almost completely forgot about the intense Microsoft hate I felt at the time.

EDIT: Braid (PC)- Simply beautiful game. Oftentimes I find myself stopping just to admire the scenery and the animations.

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i couldn't pick just one! These days i would say Gears Of War II, Fallout 3, and Call Of Duty 4. Back in the day i remember thinking that Star Fox (snes) was pretty hype. Any N64 game the first few months i had the system made me freak out. If i had to pick one though i would say the game that impressed me the most would be Doom 3.




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For older games it was probably Star Fox (it looks so primitive now, doesn't it?) and Killer Instinct in the arcade. More recently, Bioshock and Fallout 3 both fit the bill.

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First time I saw Super Mario 64 in action, I was completely blown away. I don't think a videogame has given me that same initial reaction since.



Twilight Princess. That is how all games should look.

The Game.

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Hmmm. Probably the first game I remember being really wowed by was Wind Waker for Gamecube. I'm still blown away by that game's presentation. Super Mario Galaxy, Banjo Kazooie Nuts and Bolts, and Little Big Planet this generation really blew me away as well. The art direction combined with the graphics in those games--awe inspiring.

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Oh, and Pandemonium! for the PSX. It was just amazing to me how there was 2D gameplay in a 3D-structured game like that. And it was an early PSX title from '96.

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Wind Waker.




Kirby's Adventure, it had better graphics than some of the SNES games!


I was definitely speechless the moment you come out of the water gasping for breath. The fire effects reflecting on the water blew me away. I wasn't even playing on an HDTV at the time.

I have a feeling I will be listing Uncharted 2 once I get my hands on it.

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The first time I saw Super Mario World on the display they had in Wal-Mart. I thought the graphics were jaw dropping.

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Or I could say Kameo too. When I saw it on the LCD HDTV at Walmart, I knew then that I had to get an HDTV for my Xbox 360 and I had to get Kameo. Done and done.

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I remember I didn't really look at graphics much until a couple years after the Xbox 360 came out, which by that time it was a standard and still is in my opinion... I haven't seen any "extremely impressive" graphics yet in my life time quite yet, but is taking what is already now for granted wrong? If its already there than we can take it for granted in my opinion.



By the way I'm not saying I could do any better in this particular field, but I do expect alot more from what people can come up with and look forward to very imopressive stuff in the future:)



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