Topic: What are your favorite/least favorite VG-based movies?

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here's a list of them, if you can't remember some of them

I always liked both of the Tomb Raider movies a lot and I was surprised to see when I looked them up on Wikipedia that they got bad ratings. I didn't know people hated them so much.
Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within was a good movie, I thought; you just have to forget that it says "Final Fantasy" or you'll probably be disappointed
Also I really liked Doom but I think that one got really bad reviews too.

The Resident Evil movies all did pretty well, though (I think) but I didn't really like them. I thought the first movie was terrible, actually.
FFVII: Advent Children was good only because of how amazing the game is. If you go back and watch that movie as just a movie (and not based on such a good game), it's really not as good as it could have been.

EDIT: of course I forgot the obvious: Super Mario Bros. The Movie. I didn't think it was that bad, really. Again, you have to forget that it's supposed to be SMB and it's not too bad. It's just a kids movie from the 90s

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When I watch DVDs I rarely turn them off halfway through. Doom was an exception.


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If OVAs count, I'm going to throw in the Tales of Phantasia OVA. I really enjoyed it, even if did cut out most of the plot.

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I have watched the Mario film, it was ok but a little weird...



Last Starfighter: not a movie from a game, but a movie that featured a made-up game (though there was a famous bootleg of Star Raiders for the Atari 8-bit computers released called The Last Starfighter with a different opening and in-game text).

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Probably, it would be War Games, Last Starfighter, and Cloak and Dagger. They capture the excitement of their times without the cheese like in The Wizard.

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Prince of Persia next summer will be everyone's favorite.

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I actually enjoyed Doom, mainly because (a) my husband had just finished Doom 3 with me watching over his shoulder the entire time, so the game was still fresh in our minds, and (b) we went in knowing it would probably be crap anyway. :3 As for personal favorite, though, I'm gonna hafta go with Mortal Kombat. I still listen to the soundtrack every so often.

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Turbo+Genesis+64 wrote:

Probably, it would be War Games, Last Starfighter, and Cloak and Dagger. They capture the excitement of their times without the cheese like in The Wizard.

I really remember enjoying Cloak and Dagger (I believe the game preceded it and was originally called something like Secret Agent X, but renamed so it could tie in with the game -- hence it not being crap!).

War Games is also the source of some nice nostalgia; I believe the Colecovision game wasn't bad either (some kind of Missile Command variant?).

It's noteworthy that these games like Last Starfighter had video games as part of the plot, but were not in fact films based upon licensed video games themselves, which is probably why they're not rubbish.

I do think the first Mortal Kombat film had some good stuff in it though.

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Favorite Advent Children
Least favorite Double Dragon



I'm embarrassed to say Super Mario Bros. It was the only game-based movie I have seen, The Wizard not counting. I haven't seen it in years, and I liked it back then. Please don't shun me!

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They all pretty much suck, especially the ones Uwe Boll got his hands on. I guess Silent Hill showed promise in many respects, but ended up a bit of a mess.

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I hate them all.

The Game.

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I have a hard time choosing between Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat -- but probably Mortal Kombat because when it released I thought it was so cool.

Least favorite is House of the Dead. I only saw part of it but it was awful. And during the movie, they randomly inserted shots from the video game. It was awful.

Also, the list made me remember Double Dragon. I remember seeing it as a kid so I might actually rent it to see again.

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