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Mon 6th Jul 2009

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Ramandus commented on Classic Mario DS Games Get Reprints at Toys 'R...:

I don't know if they are reprints, everytime I have gone to Toys R Us for the past year, I have seen copies of Super Princess Peach. I think its because people don't buy these games at Toys R Us but through Gamestop or Best Buy.



Ramandus commented on Review: House of the Dead: OVERKILL (Wii):

I bought this game and I love it, its one of the most fun games I've played so far. Its funny, the swearing doesn't bother me because I've seen Grindhouse and knew what to expect. Everything is over the top, like the explosions, the mutants and dialogue. It was nice to see a developer take a chance with something different.



Ramandus commented on Feature: Legendary Starfy 101:

His name wasn't exactly changed from Stafi to Starfy. In Japanese, the name is actually written as "Su- Ta- Fii".

Some words in Japanese are imitations of English words, so "SuTaFii" would be an imitation of "Starfy".



Ramandus commented on Review: Professor Layton and the Curious Villa...:

This was a good game, definitely a 9. At first it gets a little tedious because there are over 100 puzzles in the village. To even get to the end you must have completed at least 75. But the parts with the story are very good, and it was a good ending.



Ramandus commented on Landstalker:

I found this to be a really fun game. It has a lot of humor and the story is interesting. The bubbles are pretty random (kind of a lame idea for an enemy). This would be 10 times more frustrating without a walkthrough.

I don't like the platforms because they don't have shadows -- it is hard to know which direction to jump. The puzzles that involve platforms take a lot of time to beat.

I don't like how sometimes if you are too close to a tree or wall and try to slash at an enemy it won't work so you have to move away from the trees or wall to hit the enemy.



Ramandus commented on Review: Pop Superstar: Road to Celebrity (DSiW...:

I finished this game, it was a lot of fun and addicting. The gameplay is like a cross between a SIM with elements of RPG. It seemed a bit short though, it can probably be finished in 4 hours or so. I didn't count how many hours it took me, but I'm estimating around that time. Fun game, but the singing with the stylus was frustrating, it took me a while to get good at it.



Ramandus commented on Review: 100 Classic Book Collection (DS):

Well, most of the classic books are from England. This "game" sounds interesting and I might get it at some point, but for now I like borrowing from the library and buying a vintage copy if I like it.