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@WesCash - Good choice with Kid Icarus. It's one of the best games out there for the 3DS.

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I foresee what you'll do there.
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Good to know! My main reason for choosing KI:U was the fact that I've heard so many good things about it from NL users like you two.



All I got so far is Adventure Time for 3DS and Rhythm Thief. I would also like to get Resident Evil Revelations, Paper Mario Sticker Star, Sonic Generations, and possibly others... still deciding...
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The best I can hope for is Best Buy gift cards toward getting a Deluxe Wii U. At the very best, I'll collectively get enough to buy one before the year ends.

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Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance and/or Paper Mario: Sticker Star (KH being more likely if I only get one).

Looking forward to Fire Emblem: Awakening next year as well (coming out 2 days before my birthday).

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I'm probably going to get my younger brother a game, not sure what yet. I ordered a Wii U from Gamestop's online site a over a month ago, before the back order. Still waiting on that to come, sadly. I wonder what's going on...

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turtlelink wrote:

Persona 4 Golden~ and Borderlands 2 so I can play with my best buddy Vay online.

fix'd for ya.



Mr_Trill281 wrote:

all i asked for is angry birds for 3ds...


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I told my mom to get me a gift certificate to ebay so I can buy a bunch of games

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I just want NSMB2, 2x e-shop cards, KI:U and a Wii U

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I myself am not getting any games for Christmas but my son will be getting a Wii U.

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NSMBU and Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing Transformed (don't really care which console for Sonic).

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my hubby has a friend that works at gamestop who is going to save it for him to buy me in January. so it will be a belated christmas gift.

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If I get $$$ for Xmas I'm DL ninja Gaiden 3, and maybe a few VC titles like Wario Land 2

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