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I watch a fair bit of television and while doing so, find myself watching the adverts or commercials in between the programmes. As you do.

I find many of them deeply irritating and I'm going to share some with you: (These are adverts shown in the UK, though some may be made (and therefore shown as well) in the US)

1) Clearasil
I know it's good to be proactive when courting a lady, but this is ridiculous.

My issue with this one is it's overly amateur look. And of course, the wannabe internet celebrities.

(This may be more familiar to US visitors to this forum. It's not so much a badly made advert, rather a deeply irritating one (the music in particular). On certain digital TV channels, it's on every break.

This is what happens when you hit a recession - an endless deluge of finance/bingo or online casino/pawn websites polluting the advert break. You might not see them on ITV (UK) at peak time, but they do come on a lot on the Digital tv channels (Dave 1 for example). This is the most irritating one I can find (I've always imagined they had broken into the house and started looting it).

A Nintendo related one now.
5) Nintendo DS
All of our adverts for Wii or DS in the UK are basically the same - (there's one that goes on for at least 2 minutes 2 ) they'll often involve a happy family toying about with a DS game and talking amongst themselves. this one has Irish singer Ronan Keating and his family and Fearne Britton (others include Patrick Stewart, Girls Aloud and Raji James; formerly of Eastenders fame)

And now for the daddy of them all...
6) Glade Touch 'n Fresh

Those are some deeply irritating commercials (at least in my opinion). Please add your own 3 (or describe them to us) to this thread and let's wallow in the metaphoric filth of some truly hateful commercials.

[EDIT: Whoops - The GotomyPC advert is now linked properly)

1 in the UK we have a channel called "Dave"
2 The commercial I refer to is an "American" style one where a group of people who have purchased a DS talk to camera one by one (inter cut with footage of them playing a DS) remarking on how happy they are with it. A Granny gushes about Dr. Kawashima, a teacher reveals how she bought a DS AFTER NOTICING HER STUDENTS BRINGING THEM TO CLASS (no doubt to skive off) and a Dad recalls the time his son came to him for help on a DS game (as you would) and now he enjoys playing darts on the DS. No-one other than the casual gamers appear on these commercials.
3 adverts from diverse countries is especially welcome, as long as they annoy you.

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Yup, that's a pretty good (/bad?) collection you've picked there, I personally can't stand the CashMyGold one. It seems bad in a sort of, 'Do you think they knowingly tried to make it so bad it was funny? - No, let's not give them that much credit' kind of way.
Oh and "I want to do a poo at Paul's!" might just be the most annoying line on TV at the moment - cringe-worthy in the extreme (and yet somehow still not quite as bad as the CashMyGold ad - those 'actors' need a slap!)

Oh, and yes @Americans we in Britain do actually have a channel called 'Dave' lol

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I absolutely HATE the adverts, grraargh, especially that one with the gangly looking dude, ug!

Can't believe you forgot the Meerkat's dude. They drive me mad!!!

EIT: Did you know 'Dave' was named after a certain Mr Lister.

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I think the first meerkat advert I saw amused me. Then again it is annoying on account of it being shown during many tv breaks and every Tom, Dick and Harry quoting it. Thanks for posting it. Now when the Americans (et al) on this site see strange references to meerkats, (comment section of for example they'll know what we're talking about.

Dave the channel (from what I heard) was named so because "every 20-35 y/o man in Britain has a mate called Dave".

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I know at least 3 Dave's, they're flaming everywhere. And yes, the Meerkats were amusing at first, but I am ready to hurt them now! Simples!



Another familiar advert for those that watch Freeview/Digital TV (in Britain at least), with an annoying (some might say catchy) jingle.

At the moment I have been listening to the chav across the road revving his car engine for about 15 minutes and it is marginally more enjoyable as the jingle in this advert.

(I've found that on youtube all these companies - cashmygold, and all have youtube user pages - is this what youtube has become - a mouthpiece for advertising?)

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Wow edhe that ad really sucks.
I just basically hate all Nintendo DS and Wii commercials. They're all the same and they're boring and annoying.

edhe wrote:

All of our adverts for Wii or DS in the UK are basically the same

Exactly. That's what I hate bout those ads. It's always a family or a couple or someone playing a boring brain training game on the DS or Wii Fit on the Wii. Don't misunderstand me I like brain training games myself but there's nothing more boring than watching someone else playing it... or watching someone do yoga on a Wii Fit board... luckily the ads for Nintendo's franchises are still great like the Phantom Hourglass one or the New Super Mario Brothers commercial but most ads are really boring where you see 70% of the time some guy playing it and just 30% of the time what he actually plays. Add lullaby-like music and loud comments from the guy who plays the game and voilà: You got your extreme boring and annoying Nintendo commercial.

Here's one from Germany:


Even Japan can get such a commercial and this time it's not even a brain game but Super Mario Brothers:

All those commercials are the same. I hate them. Why don't they understand that if you advertise a game you should show the game and not the guy or girl who plays it.

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LOL All Dave Shows Is TopGear and FithGear. Oh! And Comedy Quiz Shows.
All Cilit Bang Adverts

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It's called Gehirn-Jogging in Germany? Haha, that amuses me greatly for some reason.

Anyhow, along the same lines as your post, here's a US "celebrity enjoying a DS" commercial. Generally these are annoying, but she is kind of adorable here.

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Pretty much every Geico commericial with the Money with eyeballs.
What was wrong with the gecco???? I loved the gecco, don't just get rid of him!!

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I remember a Chuck E. Cheeses commercial where at the end it sounds like the say, "Where a kid can be a weiner!"


Behold! The most annoying commercial ever! I hear you're supposed to apply it somewhere, but I can't remember....

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@Warioswoods OMFG she sounded sooooooo dumb!

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The problem with the DS/Wii adverts is that we are watching some celebrities play a DSi (and occasionally giggle) and they expect us to want to buy a DS - just because Liv Tyler seems to be enjoying it. My issue isn't with how it seems to concentrate on the person playing the system, because Nintendo are trying to convey the enjoyment one would get from playing a DS. My problem is that the advert is more about the famous person they've paid to (maybe in some cases) pretend to enjoy playing a games console.

Time for some more adverts.

Can you guess what company this commercial is advertising(?)

Good animation. The pastiche/knockoff of Bobby McFerrin's Don't Worry, Be Happy that plays throughout (and the actor's satisfied smile (on receiving £80 for a mobile phone)) is the annoying factor in this advert for me.

And finally some justice for a widely hated commercial (I couldn't find the original one):
Celebrity advertising strikes again...

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