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Sorry I missed this. I'd loved to write one..

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Hate I didn't get to write mine. If there's ever a followup, Paperboy is mine!

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Alright! Everyone who submitted something should have received an email by now with an official response.

The public announcement will post on my site (see signature) this coming Monday, the 31st. Be sure to check it out, and see what games will be represented!




I don't have time to say too much right now, because...well...I'm still working on it. But an exclusive version of The Lost Worlds of Power (with five stories, all different from the main book) will be available THIS WEEK in a Groupees bundle.

Stay tuned for more info.




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Good news, everyone! The completed Lost Worlds of Power eBook drops this Thursday, November 27!

In case you weren't aware, the finished product will feature 12 different stories based on NES games, each accompanied by an illustration drawn by me and cover art by Sindi Johnson. The best part is that the collection is absolutely free!

For more information or to download the book this Thursday, CLICK HERE.

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