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Now that the official announcement is live, check that instead of what I had written here originally, as there's more detail there:

For posterity's sake, the original post follows:

So the short version of the background here: my friend and I were both planning on participating in National Novel Writing Month this year ( It takes place during November and it's always a lot of fun...but he hit on the idea of writing our own Worlds of Power novels.

It will just be for fun...purposefully silly, self-aware, totally inaccurate novelizations of classic games.

This in turn led me to a thought, and I'm opening it up to anyone here who is interested...

...would you like to join us and write your own Worlds of Power book? If so, let me know. You'll retain the rights to anything you write (apart from any trademarked characters and titles, obviously), but what I'd love to do is collect everything and release it as a free ebook for people to download, share and enjoy. I'll call it The Lost Worlds of Power, and I'll pay to have the ebook professionally designed and formatted. (Maybe even illustrated.)

In other words, it's a chance for any budding authors out there to get published in a one-off, themed fiction magazine. And it's going to be FUN.

So let me know if you're interested. My friend and I are both adhering to the additional rules of National Novel Writing Month (linked above), but your own material isn't subject to those. Unless you'd like it to be, in which case, go for it!

This isn't a contest or a competition of any kind...but rather a chance to bring your love of video games, writing and humor together, and end up in a nice little collection that you can then add to your writing credits!


  • Write your own Worlds of Power book. Any length.
    If you don't know of Worlds of Power, they were notoriously poorly written and inaccurate adaptations of popular video games. You can check out my reviews of two of the novels here:
  • The novel must be based on a game that was released on the NES. It doesn't have to be an NES exclusive, but it has to have existed in NES (or Famicom) form.
  • The game must not be one that Worlds of Power has already covered. (Blaster Master, Metal Gear, Ninja Gaiden, Castlevania II, Wizards and Warriors, Bionic Commando, Infiltrator, Shadowgate, Mega Man 2, Bases Loaded 2.) It can, however, be based on another entry from the same series.
  • Your style is your own. You can outright parody actual Worlds of Power material, you can do something more general, or you can even write a thoroughly artistically impressive novelization of a game. Take it as seriously or not as you like!
  • There is no "prize" (apart from inclusion in the collection) and no money at stake. No cost to enter, no nothing. All you have to do is let me know you are interested.
  • It's not necessary to let me know which game you'll be basing your novel on, but I should say that if I get five submissions based on Super Mario Bros., I'd only be choosing one of them for inclusion in the collection. Therefore it's in your best interests to either a) select something relatively less popular or b) make sure you're writing the BEST POSSIBLE entry based on the game you choose. (If you're curious, I'll be writing the Battletoads novelization, and my friend James is doing Marble Madness.)
  • The deadline is January 31, 2014.
  • This is not affiliated with Nintendo Life at all. It's just me doing this personally. I will pay for the collection to be digitized and made available as a free ebook from my website, and you are welcome to host and circulate it as well once it's finished.

Whew. So tell me...who's in? And post here if you have any questions!

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This sounds like fun. I'll need to read up on this a bit more, but I'm certainly interested.

I foresee what you'll do there.
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Hmmm! Sounds like a lot of fun! If I don't have too much schoolwork taking up my time, I'll write one about Super Mario Bros. 2.

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This sounds like something I can do, maybe i'll write something about Punch-Out!!

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I perhaps might participate. It'll be hard though, as I'm writing my own series, whilst saving another for our forced entry into NaNoWriMo for Creative Writing class.

Only time can tell.

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I like the idea too. I will read up a bit more on it in the next few days and see what I can come up with.

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Cool. But...I'm busy writhing my own novel and helping my nephew writing his. And after that, we had to start on our illustrations.



I'm glad to see there is actually interest in this! I'm psyched about it...putting together a fiction magazine will be awesome, so I really do hope you guys participate. (I'd also, for selfish reasons, love to read a lot of a submissions!)

If you do decide you absolutely want to do this, shoot me an email. My site is linked in my signature, and you can find my email on the "about" tab. You can also send any questions you have there, if you don't want to post them here for any reason.

I'll keep you guys updated! Get creative!




Sounds neat. Calling Zelda II, Paper Boy, Golf, Pinball, Kid Icarus, or Metroid!

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I love writing, and I have nothing but time on my hands, but unfortunately, I haven't played many NES games, nor do I have a computer or tablet which to write (using 3DS for online activity)...


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Gyargh, PunchOut!!'s taken. I'd like to do Donkey Kong then. Sounds fun though!

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Sounds fun! Gah, @Gioku stole mine! I think I'll do Paper Mario(s).

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Wonder_Mask wrote:

Gyargh, PunchOut!!'s taken. I'd like to do Donkey Kong then. Sounds fun though!

Either of those would be great fodder. Remember, though, even though someone said they might write doesn't mean they will! If you still want to do Punch-Out!!, I say go for it.

Dark-Luigi wrote:

Sounds fun! Gah, @Gioku stole mine! I think I'll do Paper Mario(s).

It needs to be on the NES! But you can do another Mario game and integrate Paper Mario ideas or characters if you like. Be creative!

Gioku wrote:

@Philip_J_Reed: Is it okay to do more than one? I might also want to write one about Kirby's Adventure.

Yes! Multiple submissions are allowed, and potentially I would feature more than one story from a single writer. By all means, go for it. (I'm considering doing Bad Dudes as well anyway.)

I'll make the official announcement on my site Saturday, so you guys have the inside scoop. I'm talking so somebody about art today...I'm excited for this. Get writing!




So, I've decided for Super Mario Bros. 2, I'm going to go into extreme (and unnecessary) detail describing Mario's overalls. This is gonna be good.

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What is a nes and what games does it has?

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What is a nes and what games does it has?

are you serious? O.o

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