Topic: POLL: How many times have you seen the Orphan trailer? :D

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I've not seen it, and I'm glad. I've seen the poster and could tell you for a fact I don't want to see it.



Just because we are geeks doesn't mean we will see every crappy horror film that they fraudulently install in our computers!

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It's annoying. It's bad enough the ads on the side of the screen, but I despise the ones that pop up in your face and force you to look at them and sometimes even accidentally click on them.

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7-8 times in the last 30 min. Im about to get off the site cause of it.

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In the past minute? About 1700 times. What is up with that?!

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I LOVE IT!! Bring me more ads with cute girls!!!

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After viewing the orphan trailer, I must say I don't know what girl is cute



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