Topic: POLL: How many times have you seen the Orphan trailer? :D

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Be honest. I'm at 27 times currently. But I can do better!

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do you mean the commercial on TV? if so, I'm pretty sure I've seen that come on more than 27 times. oh, it's another ad? my bad, carry on. D:

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This is really annoying. I'm going to stop checking the forums for a couple days and hope it goes away. The board has way too many ad issues constantly cropping up.

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One time just now, if by one time you mean a few seconds of it.

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Sorry. I made an attempt to be funny and it bombed.

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It wouldn't be a problem if you could trigger it with a session variable / cookie and only show to each visitor if they haven't seen it for X number of minutes.

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Oh my God, no way!

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The what now? Guess they didn't think Sweden was a good market for that one... Cause I don't know what you're talking bout... Gonna have to check out youtube now...


16 joke

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I saw it once, but my darn Dial-Up saved me from the vid. All I saw was the spraypaint, and it scared the heck out of me because I thought either someone hacked my CP or something was wrong with it. Then I scrolled up and I was kinda like... Oh... I hate the makers of that movie for making that movie.
EDIT: The funny thing is, just as I submitted this, another one popped up.

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3 times, but once was more than enough to further convince me to NOT want to see that poor excuse for a movie.

Oh well, it could be worse, it could be an ad for one of those POS 'twilight' BS movies.

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I'm at 53 times.

Edit: 55

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53 times?... I feel sorry for you... and surprised that you keep count!

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That girl creeps me out for some reason, AND lags my browser so I have to see more of her. I don't know how many times, but I'd rather not know.



At this point, I am certain there is something wrong with Esther.



Could they have found a creepier girl? Wow.

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