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HarmoKnight wrote:

That iOS rip-off I'd never pay one penny for

Most of them are free.

Still not worth it

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This is the game that got my 10 year old self to play something on GBC other than Pokemon Silver. That's impressive.

The box art looks like something out of Digimon.

That's harsh, Digimon doesn't look that bad.

Yeah, Digimon looks so much worse than that. Try to compare it to something that doesn't make my eyes wish they couldn't see.

Best thread ever
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Zombie_Barioth wrote:

I hate to be that guy but honestly I hate how every monster raising game automatically becomes a pokemon rip-off. Dragon Quest V had reqruitable monsters back in 1992, predating pokemon by over 3 years. Yes DWM was probably aimed at monster raising fans but the similarities stop at the requitment method.

As a big Monster Rancher fan I can tell you than the series is in no way anything like pokemon. While it didn't come out before pokemon it did beat DW1 by about 2 years, the only game the series compares to. Monsters don't gain levels to grow stronger but rather train to increase stats and learn moves. Monsters are primarily created from disks or through combining, the handheld games are the only ones that don't. Battles take place on a 2D plane in real time, where players control the monsters and call out attacks in exchange for "guts".

I'll give you the first Robopon game since while fun more often than not only copies pokemon while adding its own twist. Digimon also seems to more often than not copy existing games' formula than make its own. DW1 copies Monster Rancher, Dawn/Dusk copies Shin Megami Tensei, and the rest of the games just copy typical RPG types.

Digimon World didn't rip off Monster Rancher, it's based on the Digimon digital pets. And Dawn & Dusk are nothing like Shin Megami Tensei.



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CanisWolfred wrote:

The kid maybe looks a bit like T.K. from the show if you squint a little, but that's the only resemblence I see.

Actually, to me, he looks more like Takato (Digimon Tamers), than T.K./Takeru. ^_^

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Actually, there are very few direct rip-offs, other monster raising games are simply different games. DWM is very different from Pokemon, Crystal Monsters is the closest to an actual rip-off, Digimon is far from a rip-off as well, it's just a different game. Monster Rancher could be considered similar to Pokemon, but still not a rip-off. Someone is confusing a genre with a game, that's all, animal/monster raising is a genre, Pokemon is a game in that genre. Even Nintendogs could be considered a rip-off with the loose criteria for such mentioned already.

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