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I'm hoping to keep another thread on-topic (and stop derailing it myself) by introducing this one.

Machu and The Black Dragon have noted that there's a new Judge Dredd movie which might actually be good coming. Hopefully we'll see a tie-in game that can stand alongside Rogue Trooper as a quality 2000AD property adaptation!

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Is Sly playing the Judge

Should be pretty cool if it has more of a dark edge to it as a lot of comic book film rehashes have recently.


just gonna repost the links I dredged up here:
New Judge Dredd movie in the works
'Judge Dredd' feature film update
Alex Garland completes Judge Dredd screenplay?
IMDB also has a page for it, but there's no public information up there at the moment because it seems to be currently slated for a 2012 release.

I must admit I'm merely a giant fan of the '95 movie and have never touched a Dredd comic in my life; I love Sylvester Stallone, I love bad movies, I love Rob Schneider, and the plot and setting were very interesting. I will be waiting to see what a more faithful adaptation of the comic will turn out like on the big screen. :3

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@Sean- Is Rogue Trooper based off a comic? I don't read comics, as much as would be nice, because of prices nowadays (Though I have went through the library to read some graphic novels and comics in book form).

Edit-*Is the Rogue Trooper relate somehow with Judge Dredd?
I'm with Theblackdragon, I don't think I've ever read a Judge Dredd Comic....yet.*

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Nice. I didn't like the first one, I didn't think there was anything really bad about it (FTR, I've never any of the 2000 A.D Comics either including Judge Dread) but I didn't really like it. Felt rather "Meh" to me.

I remember hearing one of the Big Finish production (I remember the name because they mainly do Doctor Who audio dramas) audio stories ages ago but I don't remember much about it, other than it was a Judge Dread story.

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I liked the dumb action in the first one and ergh, a certain lady I like was in it. But apart from that, it wasn't very good. Nothing compared to the excellent comics.

Here's some tantalising concept art by Jock. Yum!


Be good if we got a new game too, the GC one was nearly good (but sooooo wasn't)



The first one was really dumb, but as far as dumb movies go it was fairly watchable, plus Stallone was in it which was a plus IMO, but on the other hand Rob Schneider was also in it, and I cannot stand that actor at all, any movie with Rob Schneider in it automatically loses points for that fact alone as far as I'm concerned.



@longtimegamer: Yes Rogue Trooper was a comic strip in 2000AD, just like Judge Dredd (that's the connection between them). It was co-created by David Gibbons, the artist of Watchmen.

@Machu: Yeah, I saw there was a Dredd game for the 'cube and then read reviews and was very disappointed -- Rebellion didn't develop that one I hope?

As a fan of the comics the Stallone film was a disgrace. It was just really annoying how they mashed up various storylines (the brief Rico Dredd story early in the series run and the Judge Caligula story arc) and completely changed some of the characters -- Rico Dredd didn't have much of a face after being sent to Titan (you need to be modified to breathe the methane atmosphere), Rob Schneider's character is named for a big dumb mutie from the sewers in the Cursed Earth storyline and bears no resemblance to the snivelling creature in the film -- why even give him the same name? Worst of all we see Dredd's face which is a complete violation of the character -- you never EVER see anything other than Dredd's chin in the books!

I get the impression this film is being UK-produced rather than a product of Hollywoodland, so hopefully they'll "keep it real" -- and please, if you're going to have Lawmasters, don't just stick a big shell on a regular motorbike -- the things have bloody lorry wheels on them! And the Lawgiver shouldn't look like a gun from Doom!

Now that I look like a completely pedantic fanboy I'll stop. Trust me I wasn't like this with the most recent Star Trek movie!

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I'm afraid it was Sean. The world it was set in and the story were fairly true to the comics, Mega-City One looked awesome. But, it was a lame fps in the end which totally wasted all the effort that had gone into crafting the visuals. 3rd person would work a treat for a new game so you could bowl down the street dispensing justice.



Well, nobody's perfect. I can forgive them since they did such a smashing job with Rogue Trooper -- hopefully they'll give Dredd the game he deserves. It does seem odd that Rebellion is involved in the publishing of 2000AD and they develop games, doesn't it?

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