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Just listen to this. It makes Soulja Boy and a bunch of other sh*t artists look good.

NOTICE: The title was originally "It's official. Music is dead now." That was simply an overreaction on my part, my apologies. Of course music's not dead, there's still some great music out there.

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LOL brokencyde.... somebody needs to delete this thread before impressionable youths lives are destroyed....

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It's topics like this that are a bad idea. And the music was dead a little before now. I'm sad to say.
Yeah, Dj is right, this thread may affect young lives, and it would be sad to see that happen. And I agree, it should be deleted. I'm sorry to sound so mean just now, it's just...just wrong.

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That was purely terrifying. Thanks for scaring us.



brokencyde adds so much strength to the argument that the end of the world has already happened and we are currently living in a hell world controlled by satan.



[sigh] I just don't know what to say about this now. I'd hate to see the argument getting even bigger. Music is good to listen to, as long as it's the classic type of music (from old days to nineties). [sigh]

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The biggest hitter is country music I'm afraid to say. CMT ruint it, and now it just sounds like wannabe rock music. Let's say one of the artists or bands from the eighties made their music today. It wouldn't make it. One of the best examples I can think of (don't say a word, I know I've mentioned these guys a lot but still it's true) is Alabama. They would make it nowhere with their style of music, and their albums with the Confedarate Flag? They probably wouldn't allow that these days. Other artists like Hank Jr. and Kenny Rogers would fail too. Raps also much worse than it used to be.
Ok, my little rant about music being dead is over, have a nice day 'yall.

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I'd rather listen to Country than most music anyway, sometimes. Other times, it's the other way around. Rap doesn't sound good to me. I guess tastes differ depending on the person.
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Please, music is far from dead.

Horrible, horrible music has come out of every decade in the past century, but generally the best has survived because people tend to not remember bad music as fondly. Thus, when misinformed teenagers trying to be cool look for music from the past, they generally stumble upon the cream of the crop first, and assume that everything made during that age was heavenly bliss. Not quite.

There is much good music being made today as well, but maybe you should stop assuming that the only music out there is Miley Cyrus, Kanye West and The Killers. Dig a little deeper, why don'tcha.

I had fun once and it was awful.

Cheezy If anything, music is still the most popular medium in the world. Of course the music that surfaces now adays is crap in my opinion, it's not dead at all.

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Yikes <.<


When they remixed Hide and Seek by Imogen Heap with a crappy rap song I cried a little.

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